International Health Insurance Quotes

Save on your international healthcare costs by comparing quotes from the leading health insurance providers.

Understand your expat health insurance needs

Even if you qualify for public healthcare in your new country, there will be a period of time while your application is being processed where you won’t have cover.

Public healthcare in the country your going to may not be of a standard that you have the peace of mind that should you need any medical care, it will be delivered promptly with access to the latest technologies and care systems.

Health insurance can go from making up for weaknesses in a country’s public healthcare system to comprehensive levels that ensure you’re fully covered for all medical events.

If you feel you may benefit from having health insurance, we recommend comparing the prices and services of the leading international insurance providers. Costs can vary significantly, and you can save a lot of money by comparing quotes.

Compare the leading health insurance providers

Talk to our expatriate healthcare specialists for destinations worldwide to find out how you can protect your health abroad for less. Our partners International Citizens Insurance, compare plans across the major providers to find the best price possible.