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Our writer’s guidelines will help you to get started with writing for Expatra.

Expatra delivers country and regional guides that help our readers to plan their move to a new country and to get settled into their new life as easily as possible.

By far our best source for valuable information that can make moving and settling into a new country easier are expats who’ve already made that journey.

We value contributions from expat writers who are able to give a unique insight into the locations that they know and love most.

What our readers are searching for:

Our readership has the passion and determination to do something different, they want to embrace a new life in a new country.

Some readers love the idea of a modern energetic city, others prefer the idea of being deep within nature, while for so many, nothing beats the dream of living a short walk from a beautiful sandy coastline and warm turquoise waters.

If you can relate to that ambition and you’ve already found your ideal destination, our readers would love to read your story.

Inside your article:

Our readers want to be inspired: Your story can be of your experiences or someone you know who has an inspirational story that needs to be told.

Information, facts and advice are essential: Our readers have so many questions about their country of interest. Pros and cons, tips and ideas, money matters, essential preparations, how to adjust, how to find new friends and become an active part of their new community.

It’s easy to tell someone what the weather is like, where the capital is and how much a coffee costs, while the general knowledge is useful, our readers are looking for real insider knowledge.

Tips on finding a home to rent or purchase, advice on healthcare, rules and regulations that may be unfamiliar. Do you need to learn the language? Which parts of the town are best to live in? Anything and everything that you know will make settling in simpler.

You’ll need a brief:

The majority of our readers find Expatra when they are online searching for answers. It’s critical that your article gets seen, there’s no point otherwise.

If you want to write for us and we agree on a topic, we’ll help you by providing a personalised brief. Our brief helps you to know what we’re looking for and also helps you to understand how to structure the article so that it has the best visibility on search engines and can be found easily.

We will pay you:

We’ll pay you on publication, we will be buying exclusive rights to your article. You will be given full credit as well as an Author’s Bio at the bottom of the content, links can be included to your social media accounts and personal website if you have one (Sorry no affiliate websites).

We may update the article in the future, especially where cost of living data is concerned, you will still maintain credit for the article as the original author.

We pay $20.00 USD per 500 words, articles should generally be at least 1500 words, our larger guides such as Best Places to Live are often over 3000 words. We’ll agree on the expected length while producing your brief.

If you have unique photography that will enhance the article we will pay an additional $50 for one-time usage on that article, images must be high quality. You will retain the rights on images.

How to start

Firstly, please contact us via email please allow 10 days for a reply, we get a lot of mails and go through each one individually. If you can link to examples of your work that will help.

If you don’t have previously published work but feel you have a lot of valuable information for our readers, contact us, we will look to see if we can work together.

Please don’t submit a 3000-word article before receiving your brief and hope to get paid, that won’t happen. We work closely with you to help you to write within our guidelines and ensure that the content we receive is publishable and payable.

Keep the conversation lively and enjoyable to read, we don’t want to bore our readers to death.

If we engage you to write content for Expatra, we’re confident you’ll love writing for us and we’ll do our best to ensure that your content shines 🙂 .