Paris is possibly the most attractive city in the world for would-be expatriates to live in – it has something for everyone, it is historic, beautiful, culturally rich, it’s chic, sophisticated, romantic and quite simply a dream location for many.  Professional expats are particularly attracted to the thought of one day living and working in Paris – if only for a few months or years – and it is even a city favoured by international families because the standard of living and quality of life are so high.

Most people think about renting apartments in Paris if they move there to work short-term, or if they’re visiting and want a couple of week’s accommodation – but interestingly enough, there is also strong demand for houses for rental and houses for sale in Paris too.  It’s a city that seeps into the soul, that gets under the skin and a city where many people who arrive with the intention of staying just for the short term end up staying for life!

If you’re interested in finding houses for sale in a city that’s famous for its apartments, you just need to know which residential districts to target your property search on.  In this article we look at which arrondissements in Paris are perfect for house hunters.

The first thing to know is that there are no particularly unsafe parts of Paris to avoid when searching for a house.  Naturally as is the case with every city in the world, some parts of Paris are more appealing than others, but there aren’t any ‘no-go’ areas to definitely avoid.  The second thing to note is that you will have your own unique criteria that you’re seeking in your ideal property.  This will be driven in part by budget – and again, as with all cities in the world – there are wide discrepancies in pricing terms across Paris!

The 16th and 18th arrondissements are probably less favourable after dark – though not unsafe.  The 16th is considered chic and expensive and you can find some stunning Parisian houses for sale, but in the night-time it can somehow feel a little deserted because there is less street life.  The 18th on the other hand is fantastic by day with a real village feel, but a little seedier at night.  The 16th is not the only chic and expensive part of Paris to centre your property search on if you want a stunning house, parts of the 7th, 8th and 17th are also good with anything in the 8th close to Parc Monceau likely to be fabulous!

It’s possible to find some bohemian establishments in the 10th arrondissements, home to Gare de l’Est and the Gare du Nord, or the 20th is up and coming and a bit yuppified!  If you don’t mind the outer lying areas of the city then you could try the 15th, it’s a broad and diverse part of Paris, home to some excellent properties and it is very residential as are the 11th, 12th and 13th arrondissements.  Search hard and you could even find some ‘bargains’ relatively speaking – i.e., homes that need some upgrading and are a little off the best Parisian postcode!

When beginning your search for French property in Paris it’s important to list out your main criteria and your budget and begin with these firmly in mind.  If you need to be close to the metro, this will dictate your search, if you want to be within a given area so that you’re close to a specific school or place of work, this will direct your search – but if you are willing to be relatively flexible and work with an agent, you may very well find you actually get more for your money!  Agents probably know the lay of the land better than you, they will know what’s down back streets and what lies on the border of one particularly fashionable arrondissements but outside the expensive postcode.  It is possible to find houses for sale in Paris, but you do need to have a healthy budget and be prepared to secure your property choice.