Own A Slice Of Tuscany’s La Dolce Vita For € 390,625

Experience a a seamless connection between man-made beauty and the picturesque surroundings in this truly stunning Tuscan country estate.

Nestled amidst the undulating hills of Chianti, in close proximity to the charming village of Castellina, this enchanting estate epitomizes the essence of Tuscan living. This romantic setting is serene and immersed in nature. Quiet and privacy make this location particularly desirable if you seek peace and calm.

Lilo, a company that helps you invest in real estate fractions across the globe, presents Villa Sandro – a beautiful Chianti retreat that you can enjoy 45 days a year for €390,625.

This is a unique opportunity to experience the charm of a typical Tuscan estate with a private pool and garden set on rolling hills surrounded by beautiful olive groves, woodland, and breathtaking views of the Pesa stream valley.

A country estate in the most idyllic Tuscan surroundings

Villa Sandro is just 6km from Castellina, a picturesque Chianti village known for its museums, panoramic views, centuries-old churches, and wine.

Located on the Via Chiantigiana, the renowned wine route linking Siena and Florence, Castellina is a truly stunning place offering you a different kind of living. It’s all about contemplation, enjoying the moment, and appreciating the now. You ease into the rhythm of a simpler life and feel rejuvenated by it.

As you traverse the picturesque countryside, the mesmerizing beauty of the landscape unfolds before your eyes. Vineyards stretch as far as the eye can see, their emerald-green vines meticulously tended to, bearing the promise of exquisite wines. Olive groves dot the landscape, their silvery leaves shimmering in the gentle breeze, hinting at the region’s rich culinary heritage.

Vineyards in Tuscany on a summer day - miles of green rolling hills and a village on top of the hill
Perched gracefully upon the verdant, rolling hills of Chianti, Villa Sandro is a truly idyllic country estate.

Approaching the property, a sense of tranquility washes over you. The gentle rustling of leaves harmonizes with the cheerful melodies of songbirds, creating an immersive symphony of nature.

The traditional architecture of the estate seamlessly blends with the surrounding environment, paying homage to the timeless elegance of Tuscan design.

The first thing that wows you is the stunning stone-paved terrace overlooking the beautiful hills of Greve and Panzano, two lovely Chianti towns famous for their character architecture, vineyards and cellars, local markets, festivals, and breathtaking views.

A spacious open terrace with stunning views of the countryside
A spacious open terrace with stunning views of the countryside

This open, inviting space is perfect for al fresco dining, enjoying quiet time with your family and friends, or a glass of Chianti with someone dear to you.

Olive trees, oaks, and cypresses surrounding the terrace create a cozy, intimate atmosphere. At the same time, fragrant plants evoke feelings of relaxation and serenity and enhance the overall sensory experience of spending time outdoors.

A restored stone farmhouse with traditional features and design elements and an olive tree in front
The main house – a carefully and sympathetically restored farmhouse showcasing traditional Tuscan architecture and features.

The main villa of the estate, a gorgeously restored stone building dating back to the 14th century, retains all the charm and character of a medieval farmhouse: stone facades, wood-beamed ceilings, exposed stone in the interior, and handmade terracotta tiles.

This house is all about marrying the old and the new. Step inside and see how skillfully modern features such as a sauna and a hot tub are integrated into a traditional space.

Within the property’s boundaries, a world of refined elegance awaits. The rustic charm of the interiors is meticulously curated, showcasing the region’s craftsmanship and artistry.

Exposed wooden beams traverse the ceilings, offering a sense of warmth and authenticity. Terracotta tiles adorn the floors, harkening back to centuries-old traditions. Every corner exudes an inviting ambiance, inviting you to embrace the unhurried pace of Tuscan life.

A spacious living room with a fire place and wooden beamed ceilengs
The living space is an artful mix of the old and new, featuring modern designer furniture, a big open fireplace, and gorgeous wooden beams on the ceiling.

A large fireplace in the living area creates an inviting atmosphere picturing a quiet evening by a fire on a dark starry night. Contemporary designer furniture creates a homey environment, while the wooden ceiling and an old-style chandelier remind you of the age of the house.

Bathed in natural light that dances through generous windows, this captivating area beckons with its warmth and charm.
A bright and stylish dining area

Incorporating modern interiors while embracing rustic Tuscan architecture, the expansive dining area of the villa blends the best of both worlds. Abundant natural light floods the space through the generous window, offering you and your guests a captivating vista of the outdoors.

Right by the main house is another stone building, a smaller villa surrounded by a beautiful lavender hedge and featuring unique glass-stained windows.

A stone house lit up by sun and surrounded by green gardens
This characterful property is perfect for accommodating your guests.

This cozy dwelling has a panoramic terrace, two bedrooms, and a bathroom. It is a perfect place to accommodate your guests.

From the main terrace, a set of stone stairs lead to the 6 by 12 meters swimming pool, surrounded by low stone walls and oleanders.

A swimming pool by a beautiful stone country house on a bright sunny day.
What could be more delightful than unwinding beside a sparkling pool, embraced by the enchanting beauty of the Tuscan countryside

This space is perfect for enjoying the Tuscon sun in a private setting and cooling down in the water when it gets too hot.

Details of the property

Nearest cities: Siena 30 km, Florence 40 km
Private pool and garden
Eight bedrooms, three bathrooms
Pet friendly
High-speed internet
Security system
Smart TV
Game room
Chef’s kitchen
Total area 650 sq m
Price: € 390,625 per share
Total shares: 8
One share = 45 days per year

For more information about the property, please, contact Lilo Collection.

To learn more about the area, read our Living In Tuscany guide.

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