Many Britons dream of escape abroad – and one way of making the escape a reality is to take on a new business overseas, and turn your plans for a new life abroad into a practical reality funded by your hard work!  For anyone who has already taken the plunge only to discover that perhaps it’s not as easy as it once looked…help is now at hand!

The Hotel Inspector Alex Polizzi is set to return for a brand new series: and the show’s producers are looking for expat owners of struggling hotel, gite or B&B businesses overseas.  Chosen applicants will get the help of this exceptionally successful hotelier and hopefully be able to turn their ailing business around.

Fans of the show will be aware that this isn’t the first time Alex Polizzi has ventured abroad to help those in need of her no-nonsense style of approach to the hospitality business.  Previously Alex went to Switzerland.  Now the show’s producers are looking at the likes of Spain and Portugal’s Algarve region for struggling expat hotel owners who want Alex’s help.

The Hotel Inspector TV show hones in on hospitality businesses that are failing to reach their potential.  In the past Alex has even refused to stay overnight in some hotels that were so unsafe or unsanitary!  So, no matter how bad things have become for you, don’t be afraid to apply.

If Alex makes the commitment to help your business, at the very least you can guarantee her straight talking expertise and direct and practical action.  Alex’s makeover team will help you see what your B&B could look like, and her business acumen will hopefully highlight where you could start making more of your own business.

And of course, the simple fact that your business will get so much publicity out of the Hotel Inspector TV show won’t harm business at all will it?  Especially when you consider the show is syndicated around the world in countries such as Australia, New Zealand and across Europe.

As long as you’re comfortable with the show’s producers taking a no holds barred approach to demonstrating just why your own business is failing to reach its potential, you can potentially receive the expertise required to transform your business’s fortunes – for free.

If you want to be considered for the show or learn more about the format or the potential positives for your own expat hotel business, contact the show’s producers TwoFour via email: and say you read about the opportunity here on Degtev.  Good luck!

Finally, if you get picked for the show we would love to tell your own version of events, so get in touch with usand tell us all about your own experience with the Hotel Inspector.