10 Things To Do For Kids Living In Swansea

Discover the best family activities in Swansea: from thrilling adventures to educational experiences, there's something for everyone to enjoy.

Swansea, Wales’ ideally located coastal city, is outstanding for outdoor adventures and offers kids various activities and things to do over the holidays.

There’s no reason for your kids to get bored in this activity-packed location.

Whether your kids love exploring the great outdoors, learning about history, or are avid sports enthusiasts. With its beautiful beaches, activity-filled parks, engaging museums, and exciting sports centers. Swansea guarantees fun-filled experiences.

We’ll guide you through some fantastic things for kids to do in Swansea. These activities are not just entertaining; they also offer a great learning experience.

So, let’s dive in and discover the charm of this incredible Welsh coastal city.

Explore Swansea’s stunning beaches

If days out at the seaside are at the top of your children’s list of favorite activities, you’re in luck!

Swansea is home to some stunning beaches offering many exciting activities.

There’s something for every age group, from building sandcastles and exploring rockpools to getting involved in various water sports.

Let’s dive in and discover the top things to do at Swansea’s beautiful beaches.

Sandcastles and surf at Caswell Bay

One of the most popular beaches near Swansea, Caswell Bay, is perfect for sandcastle building, paddle boarding, or learning to surf.

A dog on the top of a hill and blue waters of the Caswell bay in the backround.
Caswell Bay

The soft golden sand and bouncy waves make it an ideal spot for kids to spend a full-filled day.

Pack your buckets and spades, and let their imagination run wild as they construct the latest range of Welsh castles.

Go rockpooling at Bracelet Bay

Bracelet Bay is a paradise for little explorers just beyond the famous Mumbles Pier.

Its rocky shoreline is teeming with fascinating marine life waiting to be discovered. Grab a net, a bucket, and head out to explore the rock pools.

Your kids will have a blast spotting small fish, crabs, starfish, and maybe even colorful sea anemones. It’s a fantastic exploration experience that combines learning and adventure.

There are plenty of car parking spaces and a lovely cafe, everything you need for a great day out.

Water sports at Swansea Bay

Swansea Bay offers many exciting water sports activities, especially if you’ve got older kids and you don’t want to miss out on the fun yourself.

Swansea Watersports provide instruction and training in a vast range of water sports, including:

  • Windsurfing
  • Dinghy Sailing
  • Yacht Sailing
  • Power Boating
  • Jet Skiing

The great thing about Swansea Bay is you won’t run out of things to do. If you need to slow the pace down after exciting water sports, you can enjoy the beach or head off to the fantastic parks running along Swansea Bay.

Jump on the beachside train to Black Pill you’ll find a park with a lovely children’s outdoor pool, a cafe, and plenty of places to enjoy a picnic.

Kayaking at Oxwich Bay

Oxwich Bay is one of the best beaches on the Gower for keeping the kids happy and occupied. If they want to try something new, they should give kayaking a.

It doesn’t matter if they’ve been kayaking before Oxwich Watersports will soon have them paddling through the surf and having a whale of a time.

Explore the Gower Peninsular

The Gower Peninsular can guarantee a great day out for the kids, whatever their ages. Jump in the car and set off to explore the UK’s first area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

The Gower at the sunset - golden skies reflecting in the water
Three Cliffs Bay on the Gower Peninsula

As if having some of the best beaches in the UK wasn’t enough, exploring the Gower takes you to medieval castles, iron age forts, and the legend of King Arthur and Merlin.

On your journey through the Gower, be sure to stop off at the lovely village of Parkmill. Shepherds Cafe is the perfect location for an ice cream break or a bite to eat.

You’ll also find the Gower Heritage Centre with baby chicks and ducks waiting to meet the kids in the “Egguation Centre.”

Explore the nature at Swansea’s parks and gardens

Swansea offers plenty of ways for kids to connect with nature. From beautiful gardens to vast parks, there is something for everyone.

We explore three fantastic locations where children can discover the best of Swansea’s nature.

Explore plant life at Clyne Gardens

Clyne Gardens is a must-visit destination if your child is fascinated by plants and flowers. Located on the west side of Swansea just before Mumbles, this enchanting garden is home to a stunning variety of flora.

A green manicured garden looking onto the Swansea Bay
Clyne Gardens

The park is a feast for the eyes, from vibrant rhododendrons to delicate orchids. Stroll along the winding paths and let your little ones marvel at the beauty of nature.

Follow the link for more information and a handy map of the gardens from Swansea Council.

Have a picnic at Singleton Park

Singleton Park is the perfect picnic spot—a haven for families looking to enjoy a day surrounded by beautiful nature.

Its expansive green spaces, picturesque lake, and charming flower beds make it the perfect spot to let the kids play and burn some energy.

Have you ever peddled a dragon around a lake? If not, don’t miss the boating lake where the dragons await you.

How’s your golf handicap? Singleton Park’s crazy golf course will sharpen your putting skills.

And if the dragons and golf leave you and the kids needing refreshment, the Pub on the Pond will cater to your needs.

Spot wildlife at the Gnoll Estate Country Park

The Gnoll Estate Country Park is an excellent wildlife sanctuary. Situated in 200 acres of woodland east of Swansea near Neath, the park offers many opportunities to observe various animal species in their natural habitat.

From squirrels scampering through the trees to birds soaring in the sky and everyone’s favorite, the ducks. Your little explorers can buy some duck feed and get close and personal with their new quacky friends.

There’s plenty more to do at The Gnoll, from a children’s adventure park to the 9-hole pitch and putt course—a great day out for the whole family.

Visit Swansea’s fascinating museums

If your kids are keen to learn about Swansea’s rich history, its museums offer kids a treasure trove of knowledge and excitement.

Let’s explore some of the most captivating museums in Swansea that are perfect for young minds to delve into.

Learn about Swansea’s maritime history at the National Waterfront Museum

The National Waterfront Museum is an excellent place for kids to discover Swansea’s maritime heritage.

Children can immerse themselves in the captivating stories of seafarers, shipbuilding, and the city’s industrial past through interactive exhibits and engaging displays.

The museum has events throughout the year. You can find out what’s happening on the National Waterfront Museum website.

Discover dinosaurs and mummies at the Swansea Museum

The oldest museum in Wales has a treasure house of exhibits that unveil Swansea’s history. A few must-see exhibits were also around a long time before Swansea.

If your little ones are dinosaur enthusiasts, the Swansea Museum is a must-visit. They can journey back in time, encountering lifelike dinosaur skeletons and fossils.

Hor, an Egyptian Mummy who lived in Egypt between 250 and 200 BC, is the most fascinating exhibit.

You can check out the Swansea Museum’s official website for additional details.

Engage in fun learning activities

Living in Swansea provides numerous opportunities for kids to engage in fun learning activities.

Whether they are interested in art, science, or the wonders of the universe, there are plenty of options to spark children’s curiosity and expand their knowledge.

Get creative at the Glynn Vivian Art Gallery

The Glynn Vivian Art Gallery is an exciting place to nurture your child’s creativity.

The gallery is a center of excellence for the visual arts in Swansea, playing a vital role for arts in Wales.

Children can explore various art exhibits and participate in interactive workshops.

From painting and sculpture to digital art and photography, the gallery offers a diverse and inspiring environment for young minds to express themselves.

For more information, visit the Glynn Vivian Art Gallery website.

Enjoy sports and recreation

Plenty of exciting sports and recreational activities for kids living in Swansea will keep them active and entertained.

From playing football to splashing about in a waterpark, here are some fantastic options for you:

Football coaching with extra time

If you’ve got some serious football talent waiting in the wings Extra Time Football Coaching provides weekly training sessions and holiday camps for youth players in the Swansea region.

Have fun at the LC2 Swansea Waterpark

Ready to make a splash? Head to the LC Swansea Waterpark, where a world of watery adventures awaits!

With thrilling slides, wave pools, and even a lazy river, this waterpark guarantees endless fun for kids of all ages.

Whether you’re looking to ride the waves or float lazily along, the LC Swansea Waterpark is the perfect place to cool off during those hot summer days.

For more information, visit the LC Swansea Waterpark website.

Tenpin bowling in Swansea

Add some excitement to your day with a game of bowling at Tenpin Swansea. Gather your friends or family and show off your bowling skills while enjoying a friendly competition.

Tenpin Swansea is a top destination for kids who want a fun bowling experience and a lively atmosphere.

For more information, visit the Tenpin Swansea website.

Experience thrilling adventure

Looking for some adrenaline-pumping activities to keep your kids entertained in Swansea?

Look no further!

We’ve rounded up three thrilling adventures to get their hearts racing and spirits soaring.

cycling along the Swansea bay
A cycling and walking path that goes all the way along the Swansea Bay

From indoor climbing to cycling to zip-lining and surfing, Swansea has it all. Get ready for an action-packed day of fun and excitement!

Go indoor climbing at Dynamic Rock

Dynamic Rock in Clydach, on the city’s outskirts, is Swansea’s ultimate indoor climbing center. With various climbing walls suitable for all skill levels, your kids will have a blast conquering the heights and challenging themselves.

From beginners to experienced climbers, there’s something for everyone at Dynamic Rock. So grab your gear and get ready to scale new heights!

For more information, visit Dynamic Rock.

Zip line at Go Ape Margam

Take your kids on a thrilling zip-lining adventure at Go Ape Margam.

Set amidst the stunning Margam Country Park just 14 miles east of Swansea, this high-flying attraction will take your breath away.

Kids can zip through the treetops, tackle rope obstacles, and conquer their fears. It’s a perfect combination of excitement and nature exploration that your kids won’t soon forget!

For more information, visit Go Ape Margam.

Try surfing at Llangennith Beach

Llangennith Beach is a surfer’s paradise and the perfect spot for your kids to catch some waves.

With its long sandy beach and consistent surf, it’s an ideal place for beginners to learn the art of surfing.

Let your kids ride the waves, feel the ocean spray on their faces, and experience the thrill of catching their first wave. Surf’s up!

For more information, visit Llangennith Beach Surf School.

Family-friendly events & festivals in Swansea

Enjoy the Swansea Festival of Music and the Arts

One of the best ways for children to experience culture in Swansea is by attending the Swansea Festival of Music and the Arts.

This annual event showcases various performances, including music, dance, theater, and visual arts. The festival offers something for everyone, from classical music enthusiasts to young aspiring artists.

If your child is interested in music or the arts, this is the perfect opportunity to explore their passion and witness incredible talent.

They can enjoy live performances, participate in workshops, and even interact with artists. The festival creates a vibrant and inclusive atmosphere that encourages creativity and fosters a love for the arts.

Celebrate at the Gower Show

The Gower Show is a must-attend event for families living in Swansea. Held annually, this traditional agricultural show brings together people from all over the region to celebrate the local countryside and rural life.

At the Gower Show, children can enjoy pony rides, petting zoos, and various interactive exhibits that showcase the region’s farming heritage.

They can learn about different animals, observe fascinating demonstrations, and even participate in friendly competitions.

It’s an excellent opportunity for kids to connect with nature and gain an appreciation for the great outdoors.

Check out their official website here to learn more about the Gower Show and its upcoming events.

Swansea is great for kids

If you’re a parent or guardian in Swansea, rest assured, knowing that your children will always have an exciting time exploring and experiencing all that this fabulous seaside city has to offer.

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