How Easy is Living In Antalya Turkey?

Expatra Country Guides Turkey How Easy is Living In Antalya Turkey?

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The Turkish Riviera’s city of Antalya has established itself as one of Turkey’s primary tourist destinations.

Steeped in history and with clean sandy beaches along the glorious Mediterranean coastline, the location boasts the unique combination of sun, sea, history and culture that make it a holiday destination that many people fall in love with and vow to return to. Many even consider living in Antalya.

As a tourist destination Antalya scores full points, but what about the practicalities of living in Antalya? Can this ever more dynamic tourist destination offer the same degree of satisfaction to the long term visitor?

Let’s face it some of the best holiday destinations may not always be the best destination in which to start a new life. Holidays are different, in return for a unique experience we’re willing to sacrifice certain luxuries in order to enjoy that special experience of a lifetime, how many of us would love to go on an African safari now keep your hands up if you’d love to retire to the bush.

A few hands may stay up but many of us put on our ‘let’s be practical hats’ and decided that we need a certain degree of familiarity and modern infrastructural comforts to best enjoy the practicalities of day to day living.

We take a look to see if Antalya lives up to the full time living in experience as well as it does the holiday experience.

Shops and shopping! Yes, love it or hate it, we all need to do it and while quaint shops might be great for our holidays if you’re going to live anywhere for a long time it won’t be too long before you yearn for the ease and choices offered by the big supermarkets and retailers.

Shopping in Antalya will not leave you feeling disappointed with a range of new malls offering all of the latest brand names and products, large super markets offering produce which is generally quite a lot less costly than in UK and other European destinations.

Of course it’s not all become totally globalised, there’s also a very good selection of traditional shops in the city selling everything from incredibly beautiful traditional carpets that have been dyed from natural materials to the jams and fruit jellies that the area is famous for.

Being such a lively and dynamic tourist resort Antalya is not short on entertainment in addition to the more traditional summer sun activities there’s some excellent cinemas that often show new releases in English language as well as Turkish, there are several theatres and additional activities such as Dedeman Park bowling.

Health care is well catered for in Antalya and you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the standard of medical care that is available throughout the whole of Turkey with more and more foreigners visiting every year to take advantage of the latest health care services at considerably less costly prices than in their home nation.

Antalya has excellent transportation services, flights to and from UK are easy to find and prices have become very competitive making it possible for bargain hunters to get some extremely well priced flights to and from UK.

In summary, Antalya is a good place to call home. You most definitely will not feel like you’ve gone bush.

With its modern and well developed infrastructure, Turkey as a nation is going from strength to strength. You’ll find just about everything you could possibly need for day to day practical living and you’ll be doing your living on one of the most beautiful coastlines in the world – the incredible Turkish Riviera.