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Living in Viseu

15 Things To Know About Living In Viseu, Portugal Before You Move

Living in Viseu, a charming Medieval city in Central Portugal, strikes an elegant balance between a cosmopolitan city lifestyle, and an intimacy that allows residents to slow and enjoy the little things. Read on to discover if joining other expats in Viseu, the idyllic “Garden City”, is in your destiny!
Living in Sintra

17 Pros & Cons Of Living In Sintra, Portugal As An Expat

If fairytale-like charm and a relaxed approach to life are your goals, then living in Sintra could provide your ultimate expat paradise! Here, we weigh up what some might consider as pros and cons for expats in Sintra, so that you can make an informed decision about this enigmatic destination.
Living in Lisbon

Living In Lisbon: 10 Key Questions To Ask Before You Move

The stunning Portuguese city of Lisbon is a fantastic expat destination. Let's dive into the glorious details of this colourful, welcoming, and richly historic would-be home, as we explore everything you need to know about living in Lisbon!