Living In Rome: A Great Place To Start Living In Italy

Living in Rome presents tremendous opportunities for adventurous expats. Check out our essential guide.

Rome is possibly one of the most exciting places to live in Europe.  Yes, Paris is fabulous, London is lively and Barcelona is a Mecca for the young and the beautiful, but living in Rome offers an inimitable blend of history, art, culture, life and opportunity.  As a result, it’s a fantastic place to start living in Italy.

Indeed, many people begin life as an expat in Italy by living in Rome, but after they have explored the delights of the city and learned the Italian ways, they spread their wings and go on to make a more permanent home for themselves elsewhere in Italy, where the pace of life is perhaps even more laid back.

Living in Rome - St. Peter's Cathedral
Rome is full of wonders and here’s one of them – St. Peter’s Cathedral at sunset. Rome, Italy

No matter whether you’re young or retired, single or a family person, if you want to spread your wings abroad and find exciting opportunities, Rome is an exceptionally good place to start. 

Whilst the city boasts thousands of ancient relics and monuments, it has a young heart – and whilst the attitude to life in Rome is very laid back, the pace of your social life at least may feel quite frenetic.

Why live in Rome?

If you’re a newbie expat, looking for ‘life’ abroad – you could do far worse than consider Rome.  You cannot find a city that feels more foreign, more European, more Italian!  Therefore you will know that you’re abroad from the moment you step foot outside the airport building.

You will immediately be immersed in the beautiful and lyrical Italian language, surrounded by exceptionally chic and beautiful people, blown away by the landscape so rich in architectural history, and excited by the pace of the traffic, the opportunities for entertainment and the sheer vibrancy of life in Rome.

A number of international companies have offices in Rome, there are language schools, tourism attractions requiring international staff, and even fast food restaurants where you can get by with basic Italian – in other words, there are job opportunities available for expats prepared to perhaps begin at the bottom and not worry about the wages.

You can meet people from many different nations – who are all in Rome to live and experience the Italian way of life. 

What can you expect living in Rome as an expat

Life in Rome seems to be dominated by ‘quality’ of life – it’s the quality that counts, not the number of hours you work, the salary you earn or the house you live in.  This is why many young expats find that they can fit in very well – they don’t have to climb the career ladder or commute for hours to push paper.  As long as they can earn enough to get by, they can have a brilliant life in Rome.

Living in Rome - street cafes
Street cafes tucked away in cosy narrow streets of Rome can surprise you with most amazing food.

You can enjoy café culture which was surely invented in a city like Rome, which has a café on every single street corner inhabited by people just watching the world go by.  You can eat as late as you like and share your meal with newfound friends or friendly strangers.

You can make a home for yourself in Rome from the moment you find the perfect flat or house. You will be able to explore the city through the eyes and experiences of those who have been on the ground just a little bit longer than you and slowly but very surely you will come to love this city with its ancient, stylish, vibrant, chic, young, lively and passionate heart.

How to find somewhere to live in Rome

Prices for accommodation are extremely steep in Rome unless you head away from the action and live out in the sticks!

If you are young and single, you will find a perfect house share after you’ve been in the city a while and made some good friends to share with – but to begin with, you can start by looking on the likes of Easy Stanza which lists flat shares currently available.

Renting a 2 bedroom flat can cost you between €850 and €2500 depending on the location.

Finding work in Rome

Depending on the nation you herald from, your rights to live and work in Rome will differ. 

For example, a Brit theoretically has the right to relocate to the city and set up home and ‘shop’ (although you will need to register your presence) – however, for an American for example, you will need permits and permissions.  You must check before you go, and the best place to check is at the Italian embassy in your nation.

In terms of sourcing work, it’s always easier to find a job when you’re on the ground – and you have a network of friends who can tell you about any openings they’re aware of wherever they work for example.  But, the likes of Monster and StepStone are good recruitment websites to browse in advance of your move to Rome.

Living in Rome
Spanish Steps – the meeting place of Rome

Even if you don’t secure employment, you will get an idea of what’s available, the qualifications you need, the level of Italian you will need to speak and what salary you can expect.

A final word about living in Rome

Finally, it should go without saying that if you’re going to be living in Italy, you will need to learn Italian a) to get by well and b) to get the very most out of your move. 

However, it truly is easier to learn a language when you’re immersed in it, and because there are so many tourists in Rome and the local people are used to dealing with those who only speak the most basic of Italian, your lack of language skills should not stop you making the move.

You will pick up the street slang at work and when out socialising, you will learn Italian from your new friends and colleagues, you can hear Italian all around you and practice what you perhaps learn at night school when you’re out and about in the daytime. 

In other words, go to Rome, learn Italian, enjoy the exceptional quality of life this wonderful city offers you, and use the experience as your stepping stone to a long and fulfilling life as an expatriate – you couldn’t ask for a better place to begin your new life overseas than Rome…Italy’s truly capital city!

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