The Best Places To Live In Brisbane And Nearby

Lifestyle, costs, education. Find the answers you need to choose the best place to live in the charming capital of the Sunshine state.

Brisbane represents the center of the second-largest Australian state and is one of the world’s most livable cities.

Everything from its location, climate, lifestyle, and atmosphere resembles what many people would only call a dream. 

Moving to the best areas of Brisbane is not only possible, but it is also way more accessible and achievable than moving to any other city.

Warm winters, an open-minded, multicultural community, and two elite-class coasts at your doorstep will hardly make you feel like something is missing.

By the time you finish reading this guide, you will find yourself ready to jump on the next available flight and move to Queensland’s enchanting capital.

So, let’s talk about the best suburbs of Brisbane.

Where are the best places to live in Brisbane?

Whether you want to move into the core of this vibrant city or prefer a quieter atmosphere in the outer surroundings, you will find a suburb that fits all your needs in this section.

1. South Brisbane and South Bank

South Brisbane is the playground of this city. Everything is within walking distance: shops, cafes, and amenities.

Southbank park walk - beautiful arches covered in bloom
A park walk in Southbank, Brisbane

It is located south of the Brisbane River. Here you will be left wondering if you are living in a metropolitan city at all.

This suburb’s laid-back vibe and joyful atmosphere will remind you of a coastal town in the tropics, partly thanks to the artificial beach in South Bank Parklands’s green area.

If you are not on a tight budget and enjoy living in a friendly, multicultural community, this is the suburb for you.

The median price for a house is just under 600$ per week, while an apartment or unit will cost you 500-550$.

2. Fortitude Valley

Chasing the nightlife buzz? Live music, funky pubs, and the most pleasing experience for international dining lovers at every corner – this is what Fortitude Valley is about. And much more.

The nightlife is just one side of the coin. 

At only 2 kilometers from the CBD (Central Business District), this suburb offers accommodations especially suitable for young professionals, singles, and couples. 

With a medium price per unit of 440$ per week, it is the perfect compromise for expats that want to settle in a favorable location for their professional career while diving into the vibrant social scene of the capital.

The endless list of fashionable boutique stores, cafes, and restaurants concentrated in the James Street precinct attracts hundreds of families that want to treat themselves to a flattering lifestyle.

3. Spring Hill

If the hustle and bustle of the Valley do not sound appealing to you, you won’t have to look far away to find lavish stretches of green and the comfortable and joyful atmosphere that Spring Hill has to offer. 

A historical residential hub where you can indulge in a relaxed lifestyle while taking in the breathtaking views of Victoria Park gardens and admiring the broad mix of the heritage of one of the oldest Brisbane suburbs.

With subtropical vibes, wake-up morning calls played by the birds singing, and a cheerful community, – this place is one of the best in the whole of Brisbane.

With medical facilities, schools, parks, and recreation areas within walking distance, Spring Hill is the best place to live in Brisbane for families with kids and retirees.

It is a lush opportunity that comes at an affordable price. The weekly rental cost of a house is around 600$, while units sit between 450-500$.

From here, professionals can easily reach their office after a quick stop at one of the many cafes spread across the neighborhood, surrounded by the aroma of fresh bakery delights.

Let’s be honest: Who would not love to start the day in this inner-city oasis?

4. Kelvin Grove

Home to the Kelvin Grove Campus and exceptional education facilities, this is a popular suburb for international and local students. 

It is located on the hillside of Brisbane CBD, just 3 kilometers from the center. Like all the other suburbs, the reliable public transport network makes travel to and from the city so easy for its residents. 

Additionally, every student can obtain a concession card from the Brisbane Translink ticketing system to receive discounts on daily travel.

With weekly rental costs starting from 260$, Kelvin Grove is, hands down, the best bargain for expats looking to create an academic journey here in Brisbane.

Art lovers and creative minds can find their space at the Kelvin Grove Village Markets every week.

5. Indooroopilly

It will take a while to figure out how to pronounce this name, but no worries, the locals call it Indro.

This suburb overlooks a wide corner of the Brisbane River, only 6 km from the CBD and a short drive from the foothills of Mt Coot Tha. If you are a regular hiker or want to have an adventurous getaway, this is the place for you.

You might even have the chance to spot some wildlife during one of your hikes, and if not, you can still visit the close Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary to have an epic encounter with the most iconic animals of this country.

Everything you need for a comfortable life is here: shopping centers, parks, a golf course by the river, and the list goes on. 

Indooroopilly is packed with fun things to do and is suitable for young families, retirees, and professionals. 

The weekly rental cost for houses is around 600$-650$ per week. Units will cost you close to 2000$ per month.

6. Manly

It’s time to look at the suburbs on the northern side of the river. Manly is heaven for retirees, but in the latest years, its popularity has also increased among young families. 

From here, the CBD is slightly less accessible (the fastest routes by car require paying a toll), but if you enjoy a more relaxed, bayside lifestyle, you will still find all the essentials in this suburb.

You can appreciate the heritage of this area while walking on the foreshore that connects Manly to the surrounding suburbs. 

The price of properties is similar to the southern suburbs but with the addition of cooler summer and the typical atmosphere of a seaside town.

7. Chermside

This suburb offers some of the most affordable housing solutions for people who want to live in Brisbane.

With rental costs starting at 390$, Chermside is the best place to live in Brisbane for young people or families on a budget.

You can visit one of the largest Westfield shopping centers, with over 500 shops dedicated to clothing, entertainment, and loads of food from every country.

Chermside is an evolving suburb with easy access to the CBD, schools, parks, and a dynamic pace. It is worth considering for young students and families who want to move to Brisbane.

8. Ashgrove

Ashgrove is one of the cleanest areas of the city, with high-quality living standards.

Students have access to the best schooling institutions in the region, and families can enjoy a quiet-paced environment.

The characteristic Ashgrovian houses in this area are a testimony to the history of this place, starting back in the second half of the 19th century.

The cost of a property in this suburb can be higher than in other neighborhoods, but it is worth every cent.  Rent starts from 600$ for a house and 430$ for a unit.

9. Auchenflower

Another riverside suburb, 4 km west of the CBD, Auchenflower is a popular area and home to one of the most sought-after schools in the city.

Thanks to its qualified teachers and welcoming atmosphere, the Milton State School is one of the preferred choices in Brisbane.

Even though there are fewer green areas in this part of the city, you can find pleasure in spectacular skyline views of the capital from the characteristic cottage-style houses of the area.

The riverside is a busy area of these suburbs: it is the perfect spot for early-bird joggers and cyclists.

You can easily travel to neighboring suburbs for boutique stores and entertainment opportunities.

In this charming suburb, 2-bed apartments sell for 500k dollars, and you can find rental deals starting from under 400$ a week per unit.

It is a desirable area for professionals and families with children.

10. West End

This suburb is regarded as one of the most multicultural suburbs of Brisbane. 

The first international travelers settled in this precinct many years ago, contributing to its modern development.

West End in Brisbane at night
A bike path along the Brisbane River in West End, Brisbane.

It is a suburb highly recommendable for the foodies out there, those who want to benefit from the vicinity of the city’s core and have the opportunity of trying out new flavors every day.

Here you can find restaurants serving food from around the world: Italian, Vietnamese, Thai, Korean, and many others. 

Whichever is your mother country, you will find a taste of it in West End.

It is the second most walkable suburb in Brisbane, with plenty of cafes, restaurants, and shops attracting an increased population of young people over the years.

Property costs slightly more here if compared to other inner city suburbs: houses rent for 650$ a week, and units cost 480$ weekly.

Couples can easily share these costs and enjoy top-notch living in Brisbane.

FAQs about living in Brisbane

1. Which is the safest suburb of Brisbane?

Alderley, Grange, Norman Park, and Cannon Hill. These suburbs score high on the liveability scale under many aspects: lowest crime rates, exceptional schools, reliable public transport, and plenty of green areas.

2. Where should I not live in Brisbane?

Brisbane ranks as one of the safest cities to live in Australia. 

The only thing you would want to consider is the flood risk. If you are considering moving to Coorparoo, Newstead, Clayfield, Camp Hill, Paddington, West End, Taringa, and Indooroopilly, be aware that these areas are more prone to flooding.

3. Is Brisbane expensive?

You can expect a monthly cost of 2000$ per person to live in Brisbane.

The captivating atmosphere and the vibrant lifestyle you can find in Brisbane are second to none. Anybody can find a solution for their needs at the most accommodating prices.

Young professionals in this part of Australia earn incomes that easily cover the cost of rent, groceries, and bills, leaving a lot of space to invest time and money into other activities.

4. Is it cheaper than the other Australian cities?

If you need to stick to a budget, you can still live an enjoyable life in Brisbane without missing out on the things you need.

Civic Square in Brisbane Downtown - a lit up and bright space surrounded by tall buildings
Civic Square in Brisbane Downtown

Rental prices are almost half of Sydney’s. The excellent educational facilities present in Queensland’s capital put it at the top of the list of the best place to build a family.

Groceries for one person are around 80$-120$ per week. Depending on the type of food that you want to eat, you can spend roughly 17$ for market-style food and up to over 100$ per person for a fine-dining restaurant.

Public transport is highly recommended not just to reduce the impact on our planet but also because it can halve the overall cost of traveling solely by car. 

In addition, it will save you from the time-consuming task of finding a park in the CBD.

Compared to Melbourne, where public transport is free within the boundaries of the CBD, you will have to pay for train or bus tickets. However, this is a fair compromise considering Brisbane’s transportation network reliability.

Contrarily to Perth or Darwin, the distance between points of interest and activities around the main city is considerably reduced. You will be able to embark on adventures and experience different settings from the capital in express times. 

5. How much money do I need to live comfortably in Brisbane?

A single person can live comfortably with 2500$ per month, while for a family of 4, the average is just over 5000$.

With a minimum hourly rate of 26$ that can rise up to 40$+ per qualified job, Brisbane is the biggest hub of opportunity for expats that want to experience the land Down Under.

What about schools in Brisbane?

Education in Brisbane is world-class. Some of the best universities, like the Queensland University of Technology and the University of Queensland, are located in the suburbs surrounding the main city.

Schools offer flexible programs to help integrate international students into the English teaching system by overcoming cultural and language barriers.

With a residency permit, you can access free Government-regulated schools.

The cost of private schooling is more affordable than in other countries considering the Australian living standards.

Thanks to a reliable public transportation network and the pedestrian-friendly setting typical of Brisbane’s suburbs, schools are easily accessible regardless of where you choose to live.

Why should I choose Brisbane?

Out of all the most popular places to live in Australia, Brisbane is the best all-rounder city, no doubt about it.

It sits between the captivating Australian inland territories and a 2 hours drive from the best subtropical coasts you will find worldwide (check out Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast).

There are so many reasons expats moving to Australia choose to settle down in Brisbane.

It’s a multicultural city.

It has one of the most flourishing job markets, full of opportunities for young professionals who want to take their careers to the next level. Here you can acquire new skills and easily integrate into local communities. 

It’s a friendly place. The locals love to get in touch with people from all over the world, so you can share your experience and make friends easily.

Families with children can rely on a modern schooling system that provides local and international students with every tool they need to grow up as confident adults and harness their learning abilities to thrive in a fast-changing world.

You can easily find suitable housing according to your budget and requirements.

If you feel the calling of the land Down Under, you can feel safe to answer it and step into a life-changing journey.

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