Living In Portugal – The Expat’s Guide

Living in Portugal guide: the cons and pros of moving to Portugal, healthcare options, banking for expats, your UK pension options, zero-tax living in Portugal, housing, etc.

How To Buy A Property In Portugal

A step by step guide to buying a property in Portugal: what to expect and what should be done at each stage to avoid possible pitfalls.

UK Pensions And Tax In Portugal

Your UK pensions in Portugal: what pension options you have and how to pay no income tax on your pension when you retire to Portugal

Best Places To Live In Portugal For Retirees

The best places to live in Portugal: a detailed overview of Portugal’s most popular locations for expats starting from southern region of the Algarve and its towns and going up North all the way to Porto.

Healthcare In France For Expats

Accessing healthcare in France: what options you have, how to join French public health insurance scheme and how much it costs, top-up insurance, reimbursements, registering with your local health office, dental and optical care.

Sorting Out A Car And Driving In Spain

Everything you need to know to drive a car in Spain: from registering your UK car in Spain, to buying a car in Spain, to driving regulations and car insurance.

Planning & Organising Removals to Spain

Removals to Spain – various options, their costs, pros and cons. Where to get quotes and how to choose your removals company, essential paperwork, shipping pets and many more

Find Better Rates For Your Savings or Pension Abroad

Free Expat Retirement Review helps you find a better interest rate for your savings or pension.

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