If you’re looking for a nation in which you can afford to live a comfortable life, buy an attractive property, legally reduce your taxes, not have to learn another language and enjoy a laidback lifestyle, Belize could very well be the country you have been looking for! Living in Belize can give you all these and more,

If it sounds too good to be true it isn’t – sure, there are some downsides to living in Belize, but for the vast majority of people who expatriate to live there, life becomes almost instantly more enjoyable and rewarding.  This is the Degtev basic guide to living in Belize so that you can take some time out, read, absorb the information and determine whether Belize could be the right nation for you to move to, retire to or invest in perhaps.

Located in Central America, forming both a part of the British Commonwealth and the Caribbean Community, Belize has English as its official language and is a multicultural country where expatriates from all backgrounds, religions and walks of life are accepted.

The nation has long been a popular choice with North American expats, retirees and snowbirds seeking warmer climes for winter vacations, but now thanks to greater promotion in the UK and Ireland and more accessible flight routes for Brits and Europeans to Belize, there is a greater intensification of interest in both buying property and living in Belize among a whole new group of people.

What the majority of these people find the first time they visit Belize is a nation of colour, contrasts, a stunning climate and one where the residents enjoy a great quality of life on a low budget and where the emphasis is very much on taking time out to enjoy the country around you rather than on working like a slave to the system.

The most popular destinations in Belize with expats who actually relocate to live there are in the northern Cayes, Corozal, Orange Walk and near to either Belmopan which is the capital city or Belize City.  In each of these areas you will find affordable property if you come from the UK, US or mainland Europe…the Cayes such as Ambergris and Caulker are the most expensive locations though because they are equally popular as tourism destinations.

Where you find a greater intensity of international citizens you naturally find a greater propensity of products and services targeting the expats.  If you decide rural living is for you instead, you will have to get used to travelling to larger towns and the cities to find imported foodstuffs from the US for example.  Aside from electrical goods and imported food and alcohol, almost everything else is cheaper in Belize than in the UK or the US which makes a pension go far further for example.  When you factor in that the climate in Belize is so attractive for the majority of the year, you can cut out heating expenses and cut down on lighting bills and thereby further reduce your cost of living.  Eating out can sometimes seem to be even cheaper than cooking at home, and if you stick to the local drinks, even a night on the tiles can be reasonable.

All in all, the cost of living is low – but then the standard of living you will have to get used to is also lower.  Infrastructure and facilities are less well developed or lesser available, services and amenities are cruder.  Finding skilled and quality labour can sometimes be hard and if you need to find work in Belize, you may be hard pushed to do so and where you may find employment, it will be low paying compared to that which you could probably earn back home.

Having said all that, those who fall in love with Belize and move to live there are unlikely to be doing so for a first world/first class standard of living.  Rather they are likely to be moving there so that every day can feel like a holiday, every vista is stunning and such a laidback and enjoyable lifestyle can be afforded for far less.