For many overseas investors, property in Lanzarote is normally associated with bucket and spade beach holidays as the island attracts one million tourists annually from Britain and Ireland alone, which naturally creates a healthy market for villa and apartment rentals.

But not every tourist is visiting Lanzarote for sun, sea and sand.  In fact golfing and therefore golf property is fast becoming a lucrative niche market on the island.  Thanks to the imminent arrival of the island’s second course just outside Puerto del Carmen and plans for two further courses in Puerto Calero and Playa Blanca,  property developments that reflect the booming popularity of the sport ,not only in Lanzarote but worldwide, are springing up all over the island creating golf property opportunity in Lanzarote.

In the UK and Ireland for example there are now over 3,300 golf courses and millions of participants, illustrating that the game has long ceased to be the sole preserve of the gin and tonic set!  And the Canary Islands are ideally placed to take advantage of this upswing in popularity of golf among Britons – as these seven specks of Spain just off the coast of Africa offer perfect playing conditions all year round and are already popular with British holiday makers.  Additionally, thanks to the gorgeous Canary Islands’ climate and low rainfall with temperatures rarely falling below 21C, you can golf year round in Lanzarote.

The game of golf was originally introduced to the archipelago by British businessmen during the 19th Century – they were busy exporting and shipping goods such as fresh fruit back to the UK via Canary Wharf in London, and in typical Victorian fashion these gentlemen were keen to pursue leisure as well as business interests.  As a result they created the first ever course on the islands, The Royal Golf Club of Las Palmas, Gran Canaria in 1871.

Today, golf features prominently in marketing campaigns for the Canaries and the game is viewed positively by local tourist authorities – keen to wean the islands from the current over-dependence on beach tourism.  Golf is seen as a means of attracting more up market visitors with greater levels of disposable income to the islands, and with average green fees in the Canaries ranging from EUR 60 to EUR 200 per person for one round of golf, there would appear to be some logic in this strategy!

As a result of the all round popularity of golf there are now seventeen golf courses across the seven islands – with plenty more at the planning stage or in the pipeline.  Leisure industry experts believe that any destination requires at least three courses in order to really appeal to the keen golfer as these enthusiasts seek variety and don’t want to play the same course for an entire week.

This expansion in the number of courses has in turn fuelled the number of golf properties available to investors across the Canary Islands – as good quality villas and apartments usually form an integral part of these golf based developments – and interestingly, it isn’t just golfers who are getting in on the game and taking advantage of the opportunities available as estimates suggest that around 75% of investors in golf property opportunity in Lanzarote have no interest in playing golf at all!

On Lanzarote the creation of the long awaited second course just outside the main tourist resort of Puerto del Carmen has created genuine and broad interest, with top-end links villas designed by leading local architects grabbing the attention and interest of both local and overseas investors alike.  If you see golf property as offering you the opportunity to purchase potentially high-yielding real estate assets, consider visiting Lanzarote and exploring what’s available.

Thanks to Nick Ball, Editor of Lanzarote Guidebook – the in-depth Lanzarote tourist guide – for the main content of this article.