According to the likes of AXA, more Britons than ever could be planning a new life abroad, and according to our own findings at Degtev it does indeed appear as though there is increased interest globally speaking in finding a better life overseas.  It seems that greater numbers of people are becoming disillusioned with their nations’ governments, and at the same time aware that it is now easier than ever to travel, relocate and begin again somewhere else.

Therefore, it is in a very timely move ahead of the new year when we may very well see an upsurge in the numbers of people expatriating, that New Life Media Group have announced the publication of a free expatriate guide to money matters.  Entitled the ‘Expat Money Guide,’ the title has been dubbed the ‘expat money bible’ by those who have read it already – and for a limited time only, this excellent financial publication is available as a free download.

The publishers are asking expats and would-be expats to review the content and supply their feedback in exchange for receiving the guide free of charge.  It seems a fair swap as the data contained throughout the 19 comprehensive chapters is truly invaluable for anyone thinking about a new life overseas and who wants to get all of their taxation, banking, saving and investing affairs in order.

The guide has been written by expert financial author R.L. Davies, under the guidance of leading financial, taxation and legal experts, and it endeavours to answer all of the financially related questions that expats and would-be expats have.  The guide covers everything from taxation and losing your tax residency in the UK, to how to bank when you move abroad.  It looks at tax havens where expats can make more of their money totally legitimately, it examines how one can beat the credit crunch, prevent banks and financial institutions from becoming rich off the back of the reader, and even save for a rainy day or retirement.

As expatriates often have a fiscal and taxation advantage over their peers back home, the ‘Expat Money Guide’ also explores these advantages and how best to utilise them.  It is broken down into manageable chapter sections, it is not at all overwhelming or ‘heavy,’ it is written in plain English and yet it really is comprehensive.

If you’re an expatriate or you’re thinking of moving abroad to retire, live or work, this guide could prove incredibly useful to you.  You can get your hands on it now for free – but this really is for a limited time only.  The author and publishers would like you to review the content in your own time, and if you feel you would like to you can then comment on the information you read, its relevancy to you and whether it goes sufficiently in depth for you.

Visit Expat Money today to get a review copy absolutely free of charge, and to find out how you can leave your own feedback about the guide, or even receive personalised and professional financial advice based on your own expatriate status.