Dubai is developing something of a reputation as a centre for cosmetic surgical excellence, and many private medical facilities are springing up offering all sorts of treatment for a range of prices to meet many budgets.  Cosmetic dentistry is particularly popular because a winning smile is highly prized not only in the UAE but internationally – but if you’re living in Dubai and you just want to find a regular dentist what do you do?

Fortunately the standard and availability of all ‘regular’ medical services – from dentistry to paediatrics for example – is very high in Dubai, and as an expat with an insurance policy in place, you should have no trouble sourcing a surgery to take you and your family on.

However, please note that few insurers will cover anything more than the basics of a dentist’s treatments – and unlike some services in Dubai, seeing a dentist can be quite an expensive experience!

If you and your family do want a level of cover included in any medical insurance policy for dentistry over and above treatment in the event of an accident, you will need to shop around and probably provide proof from your previous family dental practice that you all have been having regular check-ups in recent years.  Otherwise you can forget your insurance policy altogether when it comes to your teeth!

Depending on which dental clinic you attend and the level of care and attention you need, the price for a basic check up can range from Dhs100 at a public hospital’s dental department, to Dhs500 and more at private clinics.  As a general rule of thumb, prices do tend to reflect the standard of care you receive, and because everywhere offers a high standard of treatment and care, so costs are going to be high!

Unlike in the UK where you can wait months or even years to get on to an NHS waiting list and then even longer for an appointment, even non-emergencies in Dubai can be seen quickly.  If you have a medical card you will have been assigned a hospital, this can be your first port of call when looking for a dentist.  If the hospital has a dentistry department they will book you in, if not they will recommend another hospital nearby that can help.

Alternatively ask friends for a recommendation, or go online and do a search on Google for dentists in Dubai to be returned a wealth of choice.  Don’t necessarily expect the cost of treatment to be any cheaper at a state hospital than a private clinic, check out any private dentist’s qualifications and take recommendations if you can, and especially if you need a lot of work doing.

There are clinics and surgeries offering all the latest cosmetic dentistry in the UAE – the likes of the Dubai Smile Centre offer porcelain veneers and orthodontic work, whilst the American Dental Clinic can handle anything from a regular check up to neuromuscular dentistry and implantology for example.  Jumeirah seems to be where most private dentists hang out, but all have an online presence so you can check out services and facilities in advance.