Expatriate professionals living and working in the Gulf States are among the highest paid expats in the world.  What’s more, the lifestyle available to expatriates in nations, emirates and countries such as Qatar, Dubai and Kuwait can be unrivalled in its sophistication and opulence.

These are just a handful of reasons why increased numbers of us are actively looking at the job opportunities and career chances available in the UAE, the Gulf and Dubai in particular.  However, it is far easier to actually secure a work visa ahead of a relocation, and one can only do this with an offer of a job.  So the question on many would-be expatriates’ lips is, how does one go about getting a job in Dubai – or the UAE, or Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar or Saudi Arabia for example?

And the answer is – you can find a job in Dubai at the Opportunities Dubai & Gulf States Expo at London Olympia in March 2009!  In this article we will tell you all about the expo and how it works, and also how you can use the opportunity to target would-be employers and learn all about each of the nations featured at the event.

The Opportunities Dubai & Gulf States Expo takes place over the weekend of the 7th and 8th of March and is at Olympia Two, Hammersmith Road in London – W14 8UX.  The Expo has a website where you can learn all about the exhibitors and through which you can book your place in advance.  The weekend long expo is a highly targeted event where employers actively seeking British and international professionals will be promoting their companies and their countries and hoping that you, as an interested potential employee, will visit their stand and leave your details!

In the past others who have attended the expo have found that by taking their CV they have been able to target a large number of potential employers, whilst others have even had on the spot interviews and agreed postings there and then.  Employers from the fields of construction, engineering, banking, finance, education, healthcare, IT, telecommunications, tourism and transport will be on site – to name but a few professions.  And so anyone seeking employment away from the bleak economic landscape in the UK should actively think about attending the expo to explore their options.

Even if you’re personally uncertain about whether you would like to move to live in Dubai or Qatar for example, the Expo is a fantastic chance to learn more about all the nations, states and emirates represented.  There are free migration seminars during the weekend long event, and relocation specialists will also be represented so that you can even discuss the logistics of a potential move.  You can find out about the merits of one location over another – as well as the entry visa requirements.  You can find out about starting a new life abroad in Dubai or Saudi perhaps as well.

The expo allows anyone seriously interested in moving abroad to live and work in a tax-free, wealthy location where the sun shines in abundance and where there are jobs and opportunities aplenty, the chance to secure that new life for themselves.  This is an incredible chance and one not to miss.  It is expected that the numbers of attendees and exhibitors at the 2009 event will be very high indeed, so secure your tickets well in advance of the event and take the fist step on the exciting journey towards a brand new life working and living in Dubai.

Update Feb 09: Unfortunately, the organisers of this event have informed us that it has been cancelled due to: “the global economic climate and the impact that this is
having on the job market in Dubai and the Gulf States.”  The next expo in the UK will hopefully take place in Birmingham in November.  Watch this space.