Financial Planning For Expatriates

Are you planning on living overseas for 5 years or longer? If you are, you’ll almost certainly benefit from receiving expert financial planning advice.

Why get “expat” financial planning?

The majority of savings and investment products are primarily designed to fit the demands of the country for which they were intended. If you’re from the UK and have savings and investments from your time living there, your products would have been created to meet the taxation and investment regulations of the UK.

As an expat you need to have the confidence that your money is being saved in a manner that meets the regulatory demands of both nations.

Benefiting from your expatriate financial advantage

You’re most likely aware that as an expat you can often gain certain tax advantages from investing and saving while living abroad.

However, making the most of any potential financial advantage requires your money to be structured to legally protect you from unnecessary taxation demands from both your new nation and your origin country while being optimised to enable the best growth levels available within your risk appetite.

With careful planning, you can enjoy greater confidence and the peace of mind that your money is securely invested while being as productive as possible.

An experienced expat financial planner will plan for both today’s financial environment and changes that may happen in the future to ensure you’re protected from any unnecessary financial impact from future legislation changes that may happen during your investment period.

Save and invest with financial institutions who appreciate your business

Keep in mind that the additional financial freedoms that you enjoy as an expat mean you have many more options.

That’s great news for you, it means financial institutions have to work harder to win your business.

The leading financial institutions will often offer more attractive terms to win new clients. Limited preferential rates are made available, to make sure you don’t miss those preferential rates, you’ll need an experienced independent financial planner who can source those offers for you.

Who we recommend

We receive a lot of emails and messages from expats who want to be sure they’re making the most of their time abroad financially as well as enjoy the lifestyle. Since 2008 we’ve recommended just one financial advisory, Abbey Wealth.

We’ve received a great deal of positive feedback from readers who have contacted Abbey Wealth and have been very satisfied with the advice and information they’ve received.

By the way, we’re not alone in our thinking, Abbey Wealth is also one of the highest independently rated financial advisories on TrustPilot with 97% of their independently verified reviews being 5 or 4-star reviews.

An easy way to see if you could benefit

Abbey Wealth provides an initial review and consultation without any charge, this helps you to understand if they can help and how they find you the best products and services for your needs.

Most importantly, they’ll also explain about costs and charges that come with any services so there are no nasty surprises. From that point, you’re free to proceed or leave it there if it doesn’t suit you.

We think Abbey Wealth deliver a great way to find out if you could get a better deal for your savings and investments while living abroad.

The easiest way to understand how you can benefit from their advice and expertise is by booking a free initial review. It only takes a small amount of your time and you’ll have the facts without any upfront cost or obligation on your part. Hit the link below and you’ll go straight to their free review page.

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