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Expats in India Put World Beating Incomes Over Pollution Worries

Fierce demand for skilled expats in India has created one of the word’s most attractive destinations for expat wealth seekers.

We choose our expat lifestyles for a variety of reasons – adventure, career, the opportunity to work on exciting projects. Then there’s the other prime motivator – money.

The opportunity to earn more than back at home drives many expats to take on the most demanding challenges and India has plenty.

India battles for the best expats

When you think of the types of expat jobs that provide the greatest wealth building opportunities, you may think of oil or mining industries. The location often in parts of the world with hostile environments and personal security risks.

However, competition between countries to attract the most skilled people in all major industries has created an aggressive and competitive global recruitment environment. Shrewd expats who market their skills and experience wisely are landing some of the highest paid contracts in India.

Indian businesses stand out among the most willing when it comes to paying expats well for essential high demand skills.

If money is a prime motivator then it might well be time for you to look at India. Even if it’s not just money, expats in India will tell you that India is a country that will also fulfil your spirit of adventure. There’s no lack of opportunities with businesses offering enough challenge and excitement to keep the most demanding of expats content.

Of course, there’s the elephant in the room, India’s polluted cities can be harsh. There’s no getting around it. India’s cities are among the most polluted destinations on the planet. If you can live with that, you’ll discover India is a powerful mecca for expatriate wealth and ambition.

Expats in India are topping global earnings

With an average annual salary of $145,057 USD, expats in India now earn more than their rivals in China, Singapore, UAE and Japan.

Only two countries, Switzerland and Hong Kong pay expats more than India. However, Switzerland and Hong Kong fall down on cost of living. India’s lower cost of living means that expats in India have greater chance to save more of their earnings.

If you’re an expat, family and other factors come into play in addition to getting top dollar, and India may not be your best choice. If you place lifestyle, childcare and family life higher, Singapore remains the top expat destination.

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