In a week when unemployment figures have risen above the 1.8 million mark in the UK, and the impending Bank of England economic forecasts are predicted by the BBC to be “grim,” there’s a little light on the horizon for those looking for an alternative career where there is apparently high staffing demand.

According to Hays Plc, the leading global specialist recruitment group, expatriate tax jobs abroad are available and proving very popular both with those who are fed up with the career they’re in and who are looking to re-train and relocate, and also with those who are already working in the field of taxation who fancy a change of scene.

There are specific qualifications that are highly in demand, and specialist areas that would-be expatriate tax professionals can target if they want the best chance of finding a placement.  In this article we detail the facts for anyone thinking about working abroad in the field of international and expatriate taxation.

The information supplied by the Hays Taxation division of Hays Plc is based upon their superior and expert knowledge in the field of international recruitment of taxation professionals.  It was released this week and is therefore up to date and highly relevant at a time when other employment market sectors are slashing staffing numbers.

According to Hays Taxation, “there is currently a high demand for expatriate tax professionals.”  Anyone already specialising in expatriate taxation, no matter where in the world they are located, can broaden their base of expertise and therefore expand their chances of placement abroad by including American taxation qualifications and understanding in their own personal repertoire apparently.

For those looking to get in on the profession, the following qualifications are most highly prized and sought after by potential recruiters: ATT (Association of Taxation Technicians), CTA (Chartered Tax Advisor) or US Enrolled Agent.  The so-called ‘Big 4’ accountancy and professional services firms of Pricewaterhouse Coopers, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu, Ernst & Young and KPMG will likely consider a candidate to be at an advantage if they hold these qualifications.

The information from Hays Taxation includes advice for those looking to work abroad, it says that those who are seeking a transfer in-house are possibly in the best position to secure an expatriate contract, although if you’re quite willing to be flexible on our location, there are boutique firms and offices of the leading accountancy companies all seeking well qualified, and ideally well experienced, staff.

If you’re looking for some light at the end of this horrible credit crunch, recession-type tunnel, the fact that there are expatriate tax jobs abroad and aplenty according to those in the know is really positive.  If it means you need to retrain to achieve your ambitions of working abroad, at least you have a goal to go for and the knowledge that there are jobs out there waiting for you.