It’s now a well-documented fact that 200,000 Britons fled UK shores in 2006, but did you know that there are 5 million Britons living abroad and that the conservative estimate is that another million will be leaving the UK in the next five years?  However, we have evidence to suggest that this figure may be far higher unless there are radical shifts in the economic, social and political landscapes in Great Britain.

Traditionally there has been a fair mix of people leaving the UK, from retirees to young professionals, from those with very little who have nothing to lose to those with a great deal and an awful lot to gamble…but increasingly there is a shift towards professional and entrepreneurial people of all ages and all backgrounds looking for a better lifestyle abroad.  This all adds up to one thing – a brain drain.

From the activity on our website, from the search terms we are being found by, from the emails we’re getting, the comments the questions and the feedback we can tell you that Britain is on the cusp of the biggest talent exodus ever, and what’s more, increasing numbers of expat rats are leaving the Great British sinking ship!

Aside from usual fluctuations in rankings for search terms we are finding that there has been a huge surge in interest in advice about moving abroad, working overseas, living in a foreign country and leaving the UK for a better lifestyle abroad.  When commenting on why people are thinking of leaving we have seen an upsurge in comment relating to the levels of crime in the UK with parents particularly concerned about knife crime.  Business owners, self employed individuals and commuters are all concerned about the rising cost of fuel and the heavy and restrictive taxation levied against those who make an effort to further their careers or do well in life.

Retirees are complaining about social breakdown and specifically about “binge-drinking pot bellied yobs” (male and female) who blight town centres at the weekend.  Pre-retirees have lost all faith in the UK as their children can’t afford to get on the housing ladder and they personally can’t afford to retire, and then you have the non-domiciled individuals who moved to the UK because of the attractive tax benefits they were once entitled too deciding to pack up and leave now that they are forced to pay tens of thousands of pound a year just to remain in Britain.

It’s been a very sharp rise that we have witnessed in terms of levels of specific interest that people have in moving abroad, and what’s more, there is a sense of determination behind the majority of those who are hungry for information.  No longer is moving abroad a fantasy – for an increasing number of Britons it is the only way they can escape the economic woes of a nation whose housing market is on the brink of a sharp fall, whose labour market is over worked and under paid, whose economy is in dire straits, whose crime statistics are hideous, whose climate is quite frankly awful and whose prospects are pretty grim.

One soon to be expatriate who’s heading for New Zealand and who’s a senior engineer in the construction industry in UK pointed out that industry talk tells him that anyone who bought property in the UK in the last four years is facing negative equity, that the housing market will be down for five years, that job losses in construction and related industries will rise and that he is cutting his losses by selling up and taking a GBP 150,000 loss on his property that he could have avoided if only he’d got out one year ago.

Expat rats are leaving the sinking ship that is GREAT Britain in their droves – get out now everyone, before it’s too late!