Expat Financial Advice – Advantages & Benefits

When it comes to expat financial advice, as a potential non-tax resident in your home country, you may have the chance to enjoy a far more flexible and tax-friendly saving and investing environment than you ever could have back home. 

You can enjoy greater financial growth, higher incomes from pension investments and far greater protection from taxation. 

However, to navigate and understand the huge range of financial products and services available for expats and pick up the ones that are right for you and your circumstances takes a lot of knowledge and experience. 

This is where expat financial advice from a professional and qualified advisor can be invaluable.

How you can benefit from expat financial advice

When it comes to expat financial planning, to make the right choice so many factors should be considered:

  • Where you are now financially and where you are planning to be in the nearest future; 
  • Your retirement goals;
  • Your family’s financial needs; 
  • Your children’s education; 
  • Your healthcare needs. 
  • Your taxation liabilities in the countries where you are resident or domiciled and the double taxation treaties these countries have with one another or the absence of them;
  • Your cross-border estate planning and inheritance laws in your country of residence and your country of domicile.

Your financial advisor will look into all those factors in detail and deliver a comprehensive and long-term financial strategy that includes your savings, investments, pension options, estate and taxation planning.

How much can expat financial advice cost?

Usually, initial consultation with a financial advisor and the following report about your options come free. It is then up to you whether you are totally happy with the report and want to proceed. 

If you do so, the fees that apply will be disclosed to you. You will have to pay for your pension transfer. If you want an ongoing management of your investment, there will be annual charges for this as well. 

It might be worth speaking to different advisories to see what they can offer, however don’t expect the fees to differ too much.

Always ensure any advisor you work with is correctly regulated, qualified and licensed, and ideally backed by a brokerage large enough to have influence with the major financial institutions.

Abbey Wealth – expat financial advice for life

Abbey Wealth is a highly-rated expat financial advisory specialising in inclusive yet uniquely tailored financial services for expats. 

Abbey Wealth offers intelligent and responsive financial advice, personalised to meet your unique requirements and to enable you to grow and protect your wealth.

What makes our financial advice worth taking? The financial advice that we provide is personalised and bespoke, tailored with precision to your needs and circumstances.

Abbey Wealth

Central to Abbey Wealth's comprehensive service is the free, quarterly financial review, which all clients benefit from for life.

Since the start in 2007, Abbey Wealth’s focus has been on making it far easier for you to get full access to the world’s leading financial institutions and products, and incorporate these products into your portfolio while taking care of your personal goals, tax optimisation opportunities and other circumstances.

Reach out to Abbey Wealth if you need help with the following: 

Financial Advice – find intelligent and responsive financial advice, personalised to meet your unique requirements.

Savings & Investments – identify tax efficient savings opportunities, discover and access the best income rates and income funds based on your profile.

Pensions Abroad – achieve your pension goals, strengthen your pension funds and maximise the income you can enjoy in retirement.

Your Pension Options In Europe After Brexit – worried about your EU retirement? Speak to an Abbey Wealth advisor to discuss how your EU retirement can be affected by Brexit and what to do to secure your residency and finances.