According to LinkedIn’s “Middle East and North Africa Recruiting Trends 2017,” companies across the UAE and the rest of the Middle East and North Africa (Mena) region are set to hire in 2017. If you are looking for top paying jobs in the UAE, make sure your CV complements the bold aspirations of the country to become a tech and innovation hub.

UAE wants to come off Oil and start mining IT sector

Mena countries are desperate to diversify and reduce their oil dependency, hence the emphasis on developing service industries. Currently IT is the hottest sector in the region pushing back even banking and e-retail. The governments see the future in technology and are frenziedly competing for foreign investors, technology companies, start-ups, and skilled professionals from all over the world.

No doubt, the UAE is a perfect location for a tech company. It boasts a highly developed internet infrastructure and connectivity, making it ideal for connected start-ups. There are funds and initiatives to support start-ups developing all kind of innovations in technology including alternative energy, robotics and space exploration.

Techies Top Paying Jobs 2017 Hot List

These are the skills that are most in demand in the region in 2017:

1.     Statistical analysis and data mining

2.      Public policy and international relations

3.      Algorithm design

4.      Web architecture and development framework

5.      SEO/SEM marketing

6.      Middleware and integration software

7.      User interface design

8.      Renewable and sustainable energy

9.      Mining and commodities

10.   Corporate law and governance

IT and innovation jobs are dominating the list, and that’s not the end of the good news. Professionals working in these industries can expect to get paid more in 2017 compared to the previous years.

Salaries Forecast to Rise

According to a recently published article in the Concept Central, some industries in the UAE can expect salary hike in 2017.

UAE-based specialist recruitment firm Cooper Fitch say that due to a better than expected finish to 2016 and a similar start to 2017 they expect to see increases in salary levels. Cooper Fitch’s latest Salary Guide for 2017 predicts professionals in the manufacturing, sales and marketing, legal and digital sectors, can expect their monthly incomes to rise, with digital sector salaries growth forecast by impressive 10 to 12 percent.