New Zealand is consistently in the top 4 destinations that emigrating Britons choose for their new life abroad.  Along with Australia, France and Spain, the lure of New Zealand is so strong that the BBC estimates that some 215,000 Brits reside there permanently.  If you’ve ever considered starting a new life abroad and you’ve been fascinated by the obvious attractions of this stunning and safe nation, we have some exciting news for anyone wanting to move to live in New Zealand.

Not only does the nation need and want you if you are a skilled person who speaks English and has all the credentials required to settle into a new life alongside the Kiwis, a massive new immigration bill is working its way through parliament that could make it even easier for you to emigrate to live in NZ.

New Zealand is one of a handful of nations around the world, along with the likes of Canada and Australia, that requires skilled immigrants to move to live in the given nation every single year.  The natural born population in New Zealand is not sufficient to fill every single job vacancy that arises every single year in what is one of the strongest economic nations in the world.  What’s more, the population in New Zealand is ageing and there is something of a skills time bomb waiting to happen as more workers approach retirement age than new workers come along to enter the jobs market.

On top of this, New Zealand loses many natural born citizens every year as they move to the likes of Australia and the United Kingdom to enjoy a different side of life.  This all means that New Zealand fights actively annually to attract new citizens to come and live, work and make a like in NZ.

Because the rate at which Britons are considering leaving the UK is seemingly rising, it’s natural to assume there is a rising level of interest in moving to live in New Zealand.  Where previously it could be hard to get a visa for entry, the brand new immigration bill is likely to make it much more smooth and straightforward.  You see, New Zealand wants you!  And it’s new bill works on two levels, it works hard to attract and retain those it wants, and it works hard to protect the nation’s borders from those who might pose a threat to the nation – therefore making the nation even more safe and attractive a prospect.

Because the nation is competing with the likes of Spain, France, Australia and Canada for skilled workers, it knows it needs to be able to offer immigrants more.  Therefore, as part of the new bill, immigrants will not only be given visas, they will be given the support they need to make a transition to a new life in NZ a success.  This is all exceptionally good news for those hoping to move to New Zealand for a new and better life.  Watch out for the new immigration bill being enacted soon, and visit the New Zealand Immigration Department’s website for continuous updates on how to apply for visas to go and live, work or even retire to New Zealand.