Whilst many of us dream of starting a brand new life abroad, only a very small handful of people dream of escaping abroad and starting a brand new life a million miles from the beaten track.  But does this sound like you?  Have you escaped abroad for a new life far from your old routine?  Are you living in a remote part of the world, on an island, in a forest, up a mountain?

If you have, would you like to share your experience with the wider world?  A British television production company is planning a series of programmes focusing on expatriates who’ve made a brave and bold escape to a hidden corner of the world.

The show, Escape to the Wild, will be presented by Kevin McCloud, and he will spend a period of time living with the featured expats, getting to understand why they’ve chosen an extreme escape, and trying to discover whether the remote or isolated life they’ve chosen has benefitted them as they most probably planned and hoped when they set out upon their adventure.

If this sounds like you – i.e., you’re an expat who decided to really get away from it all by escaping into your chosen wilderness, you wanted to make a far better life away from the daily grind, away from the UK – would you like to feature on television?

The production company has already featured a handful of expats who’ve built a new existence in a remote part of the world in a previous series hosted by Kevin McCloud.  His Man Made Home series saw Kevin visiting expats who’d built the likes of log cabins on desert islands for example, and the concept was one embraced by large swathes of the viewing public.

So it seems that the dream of living a self-sufficient life a million miles from the madding crowds appeals to the Great British public – but is the reality anywhere close to the dream?

Can you help Kevin McCloud show others how hard it can be to build a new life abroad, but how rewarding it can be as well?  If so, contact Ruth Overend or Patrick Furlong at Optomen Television.  Email home@optomen.com or call them on +44(0) 203 227 5984.  And good luck, we look forward to watching the series when it’s aired in 2015.