If you’re the outdoor type, not afraid of a bit of hard work and got the travel bug, you could do worse than look at fruit picking jobs as a way to get you out of dear old Blighty.

Usually the preserve of students and Eastern Europeans, fruit picking and spin off jobs offer seasonal work that could keep you occupied all over the world throughout the year.  Whether it’s picking grapes in France or Australia, kiwi fruit in Te Puke, New Zealand or strawberries in Kent, fruit pickers have found that they can finance their travels year round by planting, picking, peeling and packing fruit and vegetables.

If you want to escape abroad and find fruit picking jobs to fuel your thirst for travel and adventure, we’ll show you how…

The jobs and locations on offer for fruit pickers are almost as endless as strawberries at Wimbledon.  If you wanted, you could start your year working as a farm hand at Koogie Downs on the Sunshine Coast of Australia.  They offer seasonal work from November until January picking and packing Strawberries.  They also offer their seasonal workers accommodation, pickups, bike hire and bushwalking as well as free tea, coffee and a sore back.

After 2 months in Koogie Downs it’s off to Pernod Ricard New Zealand for grape picking during the harvest season of March and April.  Pernod Ricard employ around 1,200 seasonal workers throughout the year on their 1,900 hectares of vineyards.  You need to be between 18 and 30 and able to work in New Zealand – i.e., be in possession of the right visa.  There are vineyard jobs for casual workers available all year round.

May and June could find you fruit picking or vegetable packing in British Columbia, in Canada.  Pay rates for fruit pickers are around £5.00 per hour for planting and harvesting tomatoes or washing, grading and packaging vegetables – and accommodation is available.

In July it’s a quick hop across to Okanagan and Kootenay in Canada for 2 months of cherry picking.  Shifts for fruit picking and packing start at 5 in the morning and usually last for 8-9 hours.  Wages on offer are above the minimum and incentives are on offer.

In September the grape harvest is on the go in France, offering casual labour up until mid October.  Apcon.nl offer grape picking jobs in the areas of Dijon and Lyon during this period and are looking for fruit pickers above the age of 18 who are able to work in Europe.  Pay rates are around £42.00 per day for an 8 hour day.  You need to get in early on this one as grape picking is very popular.

November and December could see you again passing over the White Cliffs of Dover for a short two month stint in the Bell Brothers Nursery in Lincolnshire.  They offer accommodation in a country cottage for their workers as well as bikes to head to and from the nursery.  Shifts for seasonal workers are 8 hours per day and some weekend work is required.

Not quite around the world in 80 days but around the world in 80 ways.  Fruit picking doesn’t just need to be the last fall back for backpackers but can actually offer a viable method of world travel.