Engineering is one of the employment sectors in Australia where employers are crying out for skilled migrants.  There are massive skills shortages, and the gaps in the employment landscape are just not being filled by local people.  So, even if Australia thinks about restricting migrant numbers in 2009 as the nation watches jobless figures rise, sectors such as engineering will go on recruiting.

You only have to look at any one of the dedicated recruitment sites and companies seeking employees to work as anything from a civil planner to a mining engineer and you quickly realise how many vacancies there are!

If you’re an engineer with experience, professional qualifications and a desire to find engineering jobs in Australia, you could well discover that 2009 is the perfect year for you to apply for your visa and emigrate.

According to a survey by HiFX, the global currency specialists, up to a quarter of Britons currently want out of the UK as we fall deeper into recession, as the government throws more debt our way and as jobless rates rise.  Well, the good news for those of you who are skilled engineers is that your talent is very much in demand in Australia.  Whilst the nation has a glut of accountants and hairdressers, it is very short on engineers – and even those it does have are of a high average age meaning that the skills shortage already in place is set to rise over the next decade.

For example, engineers in the natural resources industry are aged on average 55, whilst electrical engineers specifically in the mining sector average 53 in age!

Whether you want to work in Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney or Perth, there are lists and lists of engineering jobs available.  Dams and hydropower specialists, tunnel design engineers, maritime engineers and even pavement engineers are being sought.  And according to a report in a leading British newspaper about the state of things in Australia in employment sectors such as engineering where demand is so high and the local talent pool is limited, the right candidates are walking off the plane today and into jobs.  They are having their entire relocation sponsored by an only too grateful employer.

Where there is most demand, so salaries are the highest – so even if you’re currently being paid handsomely in the UK and are torn between getting the heck out before the nation’s debt drowns you and remaining to enjoy the good wage, take a good look at what Australian employers offer, and what Australia as a nation offers you!  After all, a country that really wants and needs your skills is going to be more respectful of you in general than one that just wants as much tax out of your wallet as possible!

There is a jobs expo coming up in March in London and in Leeds – each of the four dates will play host to a specific jobs pavilion just for those in engineering.  Employers seeking you and your skills will be there waiting to meet you.  These dates in London and Leeds are perhaps your easiest and best way into a new life Down Under.  You can find engineering jobs in Australia before you even begin thinking about filling in a visa application – and then when you do secure a position, your employer will help you get the visa you need anyway!  See our dedicated article about getting a job in Australia before you migrate through the Opportunities Australia Expo for more information, and check out for what’s currently on offer in terms of job available.