There’s no denying the fact that Britain is in the grips of recession – even if you avoid the news that almost gleefully daily reports tails of job losses and business bankruptcies, you can’t avoid the changing face of the high street, or even the street you live on.

Retailers are going out of business, people aren’t spending any money, for sale signs remain outside houses gathering dust, and the economic wheels of Great Britain seem to have ground almost to a halt.

This, in January, on top of the dismal and cold, bleak and grim weather, is pushing increasing numbers of us into seriously considering our options!  So, is it possible to emigrate to avoid the recession?  Some say yes, others say no – we take a closer look.

The author of a recent article in the Times entitled ‘why you can’t run away from recession’ is clearly of the opinion that the grass is not greener elsewhere.  The arguments they put forth are that the credit crisis affecting us all in the UK is a global phenomenon that has had the same knock on effects on all economies.  Therefore, to try and run and hide in Australia or Canada is pointless, as you’re running from one bankrupt nation with high unemployment waiting in the wings to another!

The article further highlights the fact that when it comes to the buying power of the British pound, it has been so badly eroded that it can now be even more expensive and costly to emigrate and live abroad.  Furthering the argument is the fact that house prices are falling in the UK, giving potential émigrés less to spend abroad…and that property prices abroad are falling and anyone who buys now before the trough is unwise!

I suppose it is impossible to argue with all this negativity – but, there really is also another way of looking at things!  We at Degtev believe that it is possible to emigrate and avoid the recession in the UK – of course it is.  Whether that means you move to another country in recession or not is very much up to you!  But the fact of the matter is, that’s not going to stop many of the estimated quarter of the population who are ‘seriously considering’ leaving as reported in a survey by HiFX.  No indeed…you see, whether the grass is greener or not, the weather is often better, the lifestyle is often more laid back, the general outlook on life is generally more positive, (we Brits can be very negative!), and if you plan carefully and aren’t unrealistic about it, you can have a much better life overseas well away from the mess that Britain has got itself in.

In addition to this – by repeatedly bailing out the banks and banging tax payers money into one failing scheme after another, the current government has gone and created a tax time bomb.  There is no way on this earth that we Brits are going to get away lightly when it comes to funding the efforts to save the country’s economy.  The burden of debt falls firmly on our shoulders – because there is no one else around to pay for it all!  Some might say it is unfair, that it’s not our fault, why should we pay – well, we did elect these lovely politicians who are making all the decisions, so perhaps it is our fault?  Then again, why stick around and wait for tax to rise to 50 or 60% when you can leave today and emigrate to avoid the even worse recession that’s undoubtedly imminent!