Tired of the dull boring routine of life?  Need something to fire up the old adrenaline?  Fancy working overseas…literally…then why not take on one of the most dangerous jobs in the world and earn more money working overseas too – try Alaskan fishing jobs!

With a fatality rate 90 times higher than the average American job, a job as an Alaskan king crab fisherman/woman should be enough to get the blood flowing through the veins….that is if you don’t succumb to hypothermia which alongside drowning is the main killer!

The American Labour Bureau of Statistics rates commercial fishing as the deadliest job in America with 143 deaths per 100,000 people involved in the industry, but that’s nothing compared to the 300 per 100,000 who lose their lives each year Alaskan crab fishing.  But obviously where there’s risk, there’s reward.  So, if you’re looking to make as much money as possible working overseas in the shortest possible time, working in Alaska onboard a crab boat may be an option that you should consider!

Pay rates for work in king crab fishing start at around GBP 90.00 per day for “greenhorns” or new starters, and increase as more time is spent on the boat until the point when you are considered a deckhand.  Deckhands usually receive 8-10% of the catch value after the boat owner and captain have taken their share.  So, working overseas in the Alaskan fishing industry as a k1ing crab fisherman could net you around GBP 25,000.00 for just 3 to 4 weeks work!  Not bad, and we are beginning to understand the appeal despite the risk!
There are other opportunities for work in the Alaskan fishing industry that also offer good rates of pay without having to face almost certain death.  Expats who want to work in Alaska can also work in fish canning and processing factories.  In 2001 £600,000,000 was paid to workers in the Alaskan fishing industry with around £360,000,000 being paid to expatriate workers and those from outside Alaska.  Rates in canning and processing plants are around GBP 5.20 per hour plus overtime and, depending on location, may include transportation and accommodation.  If you’re working onboard ship you’ll be receiving a percentage of the catch too.
If you’re interested in working overseas in the Alaskan fishing industry there are various places to start looking for employment dependant on which area you want to work in.  Crab fishing crews are generally employed dockside so you need to be in Alaska talking to captains and crew members.  A word of caution, all joking and lightheartedness aside, this is a dangerous job, so if there is a large compliment of crew missing you need to ask why and check the boat’s safety record!  Alaskan fish processing jobs can be searched for on the internet at websites like Alaskafishingjobs.com and Alaskajobfinder.com.  You do need to bear in mind that in order to work in Alaska you will need to have documentation allowing you to work in America.

Work in the Alaskan fishing industry will give you the opportunity to see Alaska which is a stunning state with dramatic scenery and diverse wildlife, work overseas with other expats – and possibly get to know your maker.  If that isn’t enough excitement then maybe you should try Polar Bear wrestling while you’re there?!