If you’re looking for property for sale in Northern Cyprus, chances are you’ve noticed that although there are some cheap properties in North Cyprus, there is quite a discrepancy between prices between areas and between property types – this can cause confusion.  It can be hard to know whether one developer’s properties are better than another, or whether one is just chancing his arm and charging more!

In this article we’ll discuss how you can bag yourself a property bargain in Cyprus by applying our top tips for finding cheap properties in North Cyprus – we’ll show you how to spot a genuine deal and how to negotiate so that you get the very most out of your purchase of real estate on the island.

The first thing to know is that property prices to vary depending on the area you’re buying in – much as in the same way they do in the UK.  So, if you’re looking at the likes of Kyrenia or Bellapais where development has been intense, where high density housing is the norm, where everyone wants to be situated and where land is at a very high premium because of its rarity and because of the desirability of the area, you’re going to be looking at high property prices.

If you want to get more for your money you need to move away from the central areas of tourism concentration where you will be competing for space with a hotel which probably has a budget slightly bigger than yours! Consider heading out to Bogaz or even just as far as Esentepe on the eastern shores of Northern Cyprus if you want to find more affordable properties.  Here land has been designated for the development of housing…and what’s more, there is so much space and land still available, you will be buying more affordable property.

If you want to do it yourself and buy land and build your own dream villa in North Cyprus this can be another way to keep down costs.  You can work hard to find affordable labour, do some of the construction yourself and also source materials from across the island and mainland turkey where you may find things cheaper.  The first step on this path is finding land.  Again, the further away from the main tourism centres you go, the more affordable land generally is.  The likes of Karsiyaka and Kayalar on the western edges of the shores of North Cyprus offer more affordable land prices than Famagusta for example.

Those who do decide to self-build should consider buying the largest plot they can afford and are able to according to their status, (1 donum per person or married couple for foreign purchasers), because even if they don’t want all the land, the land can possibly be further developed upon or sold off for profit in the future.

Anyone put off by the thought of the hassle involved in self-building and who prefers to buy off plan from a developer instead and have some say in the construction but less of the stresses of dealing with the construction 24/7 should buy the villa from the developer but not get them to construct the pool.  Developers make a lot of money from the sale of pools with their villas – but it’s usually far cheaper to just have a villa with room for a pool and then to go around the various swimming pool construction companies in North Cyprus and get competitive quotations.

One final top tip for getting the best deals on property in North Cyprus is to get your new villa constructed with the infrastructure for central heating installed – i.e., get the pipe-work done during the build.  You can then a) decide whether you need it – if you’re just using the house as a holiday home you can probably leave it, but having the pipe-work in makes the house far more attractive if ever you want to re-sell it, and b) if you do want it installing, you can decide when to have it done and shop around to find the best and more affordable deal.  N.B., you can usually get good central heating deals in the middle of summer when no one is thinking about needing a few radiators in December and January!

Property in Northern Cyprus is some of the most affordable on the Mediterranean anyway, but hopefully with our top tips for getting the most for your money, you will be able to buy yourself a particularly attractive property for a particularly attractive price.