Once again Canada came out firmly on top of the list of 26 nations investigated by HSBC International as potential top expat destinations around the world. So what is so special abut this country that makes Canada the best place in the world to live in?

The 26 countries chosen for closer inspection are all strong expatriate contenders such as the UK, USA, France, Singapore and Hong Kong – and out of all the criteria each nation was assessed on, Canada came out with the highest overall score as the top expat location for lifestyle reasons.

So, is Canada the best place in the world for expats to live?  It would certainly appear so!  In this report we’re going to focus on the positive reasons for perhaps considering Canada as your new home abroad if you’re looking for a fantastic place to live and settle overseas.

We’re hugely grateful to HSBC International for the excellent research they do annually to determine what it’s like living abroad for a broad cross section of over three thousand expatriates.  The findings are invaluable for a publication such as ours as they guide us when it comes to reporting issues with a nation, promoting country specific positives and learning more about the issues that expats have to face when living overseas.

We do our own research of our contributors and fellow expats in the locations we’re based in, and we also have a base of readers we can contact for feedback and perspective, but HSBC’s own research very much supports and enhances our own.  Their latest findings put Canada very firmly at the top of the tree when it comes to factors positively affecting the quality of an expat’s life abroad.

Interestingly, of all the nations examined, Canada is one especially popular with older expatriates, even those of retirement age.  It’s therefore very much a lifestyle destination with all factors affecting the quality of life ranking well – even if perhaps on the economic side of things, Canada is not especially interesting for an expat seeking the highest salary, the best tax breaks or the best opportunities for investment.

Rather Canada is a very easy country to integrate into according to survey findings, with the quality of accommodation on offer very high, and buying or renting a house being easy to achieve.  Getting services connected and making local friends in Canada are also positive factors in the country’s favour.

These are all day-to-day elements that when they fall easily and smoothly into place make life so much better and more positive.  Expatriates have to go through a period of transition when they move abroad and with that comes some upheaval and difficulty – less so in Canada apparently though, as things are so much simpler when it comes to moving to and settling down in Canada.

Well over half of all expatriates surveyed who were already living in Canada stated that their quality of life had notably improved since moving to the country – and what a positive endorsement this is for the nation.  Add to this the fact that 91% have local friends and almost a third had even found love in Canada and you begin to get the picture of what a good place it is for complete integration.

Another entire aspect where Canada scored very highly was on the administration side of things – everything from organising finances to healthcare, schooling to personal admin were relatively straightforward, and easier than the global average.

Choosing where exactly to live in Canada might be difficult though – the country is so diverse and beautiful and the choice of locations is huge.

If you’re looking for a seemingly welcoming nation where you can potentially find a better quality of life, make friends easily, settle in and integrate smoothly, Canada is number one!