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Where Brits Want to Live Abroad & Why They Want to Move Overseas

On a day when it’s been hard for any Briton but the most impassioned and extreme anti-royalists to feel anything but pride in their British roots, we’re going to take a look at the latest research which shows where even those of us who do love our mother country would rather live abroad!

Thanks to the insurance giant Aviva we can reveal that more Brits than ever are determined to move overseas sooner rather than later, and that there are very strong and shared reasons for these people wanting to sever at least some of their ties with the UK.

It’s not a case of not wanting to be British or not loving the pomp and ceremony that goes hand in hand with a royal wedding – it’s more to do with the dire state of the UK economy, the bleak outlook for all individuals living in Britain for at least the near-term, and the fact that the weather is so grim and unpredictable at times…

According to Aviva’s latest research, a whopping 54% of the 18 – 45 years olds they surveyed would consider leaving the UK to live abroad.  Of these, 46% categorically stated that they planned to leave and were considering making their exit a permanent one.  This is up on last year’s figures when ‘only’ 39% of those surveyed were thinking of moving overseas permanently.

At Expatra we have seen a sustained increase in the number of direct enquiries we have received from Britons planning a relocation overseas – which of course ties in neatly with Aviva’s own findings.

An incredible 89% of those surveyed by Aviva commented on the fact that the jobs market in the UK has worsened in the last 3 years, and that this is of direct concern to them; over half also commented directly on the fact that their lifestyle has been negatively impacted by the downturn in the economic fortunes of the nation.

54% stated that the economic issues impacting lifestyle and employment were key drivers to them considering a relocation abroad.  Let’s hope the British government takes heed and takes action to prevent what we have already highlighted could become the worst brain drain this nation has ever suffered…

In terms of the other factors driving Brits abroad they relate to the poor and unpredictable climate, the need to find a nation which can provide a healthier and less stressful lifestyle and environment, and where an improved work / life balance can be achieved.

According to Aviva the nations Brits favour are typical of our own research – Australia (for a better work/life balance), America (for the lifestyle), Canada (for employment prospects), Spain (for the weather) and New Zealand (because Brits believe it’s akin to a Great Britain of yesteryear!).

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