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Britons in UAE Have Brighter Career Prospects

The UAE is one of the best countries for those expats who wish to build their professional career and financial prosperity quickly and efficiently according to HSBC’s annual Expat Explorer Survey.

The country is only behind Switzerland, Germany and Sweden in terms of expat career prospects. According to the survey, both expat earnings and career progression scored high in global rankings.

The UAE also ranked eighth for expat career progression. About 54 per cent of expats said their prospects were higher since leaving their home countries.

Average earnings in the emirates are bigger than elsewhere. Almost 65 per cent of expats in the country said they earned more than they ever could at home.

Despite the decline for such criteria as economics, experience and family, the country is rated highly by professional expats for benefits packages.

“Through the results of the research, it’s not surprising to see that the UAE continues to be rated highly globally for the financial benefits it offers,” said Kunal Malani, head of customer value management, MENA, retail banking and wealth management, HSBC.

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