The BBC has published some bad news for many expatriates who left UK’s shores to escape the ritual drunken thuggery and loutish behaviour which has become a dominant cultural feature of UK ‘s cities by night. It seems that cheap flights have enabled UK to export it’s appalling behaviour wholesale to the rest of the world.

The BBC article British arrests soar 32% in Spain  shows that the number of Britons arrested in Spain rose by almost a third last year following the publication of a Foreign Office report. Of course there will be some who will say   that it’s the result of heavy handed Spanish policing which could be considered if the same dramatic rises in drunken yobbish British behaviour had not also increased significantly in many other countries.

Amazingly all of the following countries have been hit by a rise in violent drunken behaviour from Brits on holiday, Australia, US, Thailand, Cyprus, UAE, France, Greece, Turkey, Indonesia, India and the Netherlands. Quite embarrassing and frustrating for the British who have made these countries their home, not only have we failed to escape from the behaviour we now find ourselves having to apologise to our hosts and friends for the manner in which a small proportion of our fellow citizens behave on their annual pilgrimage to the sun.

Foreign Office Minister Meg Munn said: “The report highlights what can go wrong on holiday. It is a reminder to all that taking out comprehensive travel insurance is a crucial part of your holiday planning and not something that should be sacrificed to save a few pounds.

“We are concerned that drink does play a part in a number of situations.”

What’s she talking about? Take out comprehensive travel insurance? It’s no wonder UK cities have turned into such dangerous places when the people who can make the changes seem to think it’s something to do with not having adequate insurance. The vast majority of our readers who live or frequently travel overseas would almost certainly like to pass on another line of advice to the small but significant minority of Brits who seem determined to export their anti-social behaviour globally.

Do us all a favour and stay at home, you’re not wanted, allow the significant majority of extremely well behaved British expatriates and tourist to enjoy a safe and pleasant time abroad with their families without feeling ashamed to be British.