There is definitely a growing trend for young, well-qualified Britons to emigrate and seek their fortunes overseas, and nowhere is working harder to attract these individuals than New Zealand. More and more Brits are actively considering moving to New Zealand.

Last year, according to the Office for National Statistics, 400,00 British residents emigrated from the UK, 10% more than left in 2006, and quite possibly nowhere near as many as will leave this year judging by the record numbers of individuals who attended the recent Opportunities New Zealand Expo in London.

It seems that of those who want to leave UK, a significant number are leaving to work abroad in a better environment where there is less crime, better job and family opportunities and where housing is affordable.  New Zealand is coming out high on many people’s lists and is seems now the British are first securing jobs and then moving to New Zealand.

The Opportunities New Zealand Expo at Olympia attracted 6,000 seriously interested individuals and was only the first of four expos in the UK and one in South Africa which are planned for 2008.

There were over 30 companies exhibiting and actively recruiting in sectors such as mining, IT, banking, telecommunications, healthcare and education, and the expo gave recruiters and job seekers the chance to interface directly.  A significant number of job interviews were held, job offers were made and ss a result, of the 6,000 who attended, a decent percentage have secured job offers and can now apply to emigrate and go and live in New Zealand.

According to an article in the Sunday Telegraph last year, 32% of those who emigrate from the UK prefer living in New Zealand and Australia because of the lifestyle benefits offered by these nations.  Benefits such as more affordable housing, quality schooling and an abundance of jobs in nations where there are specific skills shortages.

If you’ve become disillusioned with the UK, the high tax system, the failing mortgage market, the high house prices and the deteriorating lifestyle benefits, you are not alone.  And if you have made the decision to immigrate to a nation such as New Zealand or perhaps Canada where there are also job opportunities and skills shortages, it pays to do as much homework and groundwork as possible before you apply for your residency visa.  To that end, we recommend you attend the likes of the Opportunities New Zealand expo and see whether you can secure a job before moving abroad.  For ore information about up and coming exhibitions, visit the expo New Zealand website.