Finding a home abroad is a difficult task and demands a lot of research and information for you even to start your search. So where must you start if you want to find North Island Property in New Zealand?

When you’re researching going to live on the other side of the world there is an awful lot to explore and one of the fundamental things to get as right as possible is the location in which you’ll land.  And no, I don’t mean which airport you’ll fly in to, I mean which town, city or even rural environ you’ll choose to call home when you arrive and where you will be buying a property.

For people considering a move to accessible Spain or Italy it’s possible to spend time in the country prior to expatriation doing some exploration of areas, but when it comes to New Zealand that’s not always possible and a lot of location research has to be done remotely.  In this article we’ll look at some of the best places for North Island property in New Zealand to help you narrow down your locations and hopefully find a place to call home.

For those seeking spacious homes within reach of good schools the Kowhai Coast has proven very popular in the past.  This area is just an hour from Auckland meaning that you are within comfortable reach of sophistication and employment opportunities and yet it is far enough away from the city to boast more affordable property prices.

The area is popular with families because of the good educational establishments, the great outdoors is your backyard and houses do tend to offer more spacious accommodation than in suburbs closer to Auckland.  However the popularity of the region means that it is not cheap…but it can offer a best of all worlds scenario if you have the budget.

Not far away is the Matakana Valley which is wine growing country and which is a fabulous location for couples and food buffs for example.  The wining and dining in the region are second to none and it’s a popular location with retirees as well as those who want to live life in a fabulously beautiful, fairly remote yet very sophisticated area.

The town of Whangarei and the coastal region of Whangarei Heads are further from Auckland still – the area is about a two hour drive from the city…but this is a popular location for families.  Employment is a consideration, but if you are self employed or retired perhaps, you may find that the beauty of the region makes it a perfect place for you to buy your dream property in New Zealand.  Because the region is so attractive it has become a bit of a tourism hotspot and when looking for accommodation you will be competing with holiday home buyers too.  There is a good and a bad side to this – naturally this has exerted upward pressure on prices, but at the same time, it does mean there are properties available to rent.  And if you’re moving to the other side of the world it can make a lot of sense to rent a property to begin with to ensure you have got not only the region right but the country too!  It’s far easier to break a rental contract and move on or move home than it is to get a house on the market and sold and extract all the capital you have invested in it…

Finally, the Bay of Islands and KeriKeri are hugely attractive and favourites of ours too – but price wise the entire area is expensive.  You can live north of KeriKeri and enjoy cheaper prices and rural bliss – but this is not everyone’s cup of tea – and if none of the places we have mentioned suits you here’s a final suggestion.  Land up in Auckland and rent a home whilst exploring the best of the North Island for yourself.  You will soon find a community where you can feel at home I’m sure.