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Zarin Buckingham

Zarin Buckingham is a senior consultant and international trainer. Zarin has worked and lived in Austria, Germany, Slovakia, Switzerland, the UK, and the United States before moving to Madeira. She is the co-founder of Madeira Relocation & Expat Services, which was established to help expats in Madeira by offering free and useful information and connecting them to reliable and capable experts.

Madeira Relocation & Expert Services is not a profit-making entity. It is an active group that reaches out to consulting specialists as well as volunteers who are capable and willing to offer their time, expertise, knowledge, and best practices to the expat community in Madeira.

Not only does the group consult experts and gather useful information to share, but it also filters and evaluates providers of goods and services and offers honest recommendations to those who need those services.

As much as possible, the group provides information and recommendations for no charge. If however, they must hire other experts and workers who charge for their time and effort, then the group also sets fees for those services, in order to cover their costs.

You can get in touch with Zarin through Madeira Relocation Services.