Work Anywhere With The Top Portable Career Choices

Work anywhere in the world with these 6 fantastic portable careers. See which portable career would be perfect for you.

In this article, we’ll look at what are arguably the six most portable careers. If you’re already in one, you can actually start planning your relocation abroad.

If you are a soon-to-be retiree, you are about to be in a position where you can up sticks and move abroad whenever the mood takes you.

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If, however, you are still of working age and have a long way to go before there is enough in your pension pot to even contemplate a retirement, the dream of going to live abroad is a lot harder to reconcile in your mind.

With going to live abroad, there is the thought of finding a job or at least some means of paying the rent and the bills. So if you really want to live overseas and you really don’t want to wait until you’re 65 to do so, what are your practical options?


Around the world, there are still healthy commercial and residential market sectors where there is plenty of construction occurring. 

If you’re a professional in the construction industry in the UK and you’d like to work abroad, the good news is that British qualifications and standards are regarded highly worldwide.

Here are the top professions in the construction sector:

Civil engineers

  • Global Infrastructure Demand: Around $94 trillion is projected to be invested in global infrastructure by 2040, driving demand for civil engineering expertise.
  • Large-scale Projects: Civil engineers are needed for the design and construction of major infrastructure projects worldwide, from bridges to transportation systems.
  • International Engineering Firms: Leading engineering firms operate globally, providing opportunities for engineers to work on diverse projects in different countries.

Project managers

  • Global Construction Industry: The global construction industry is valued at approximately $11 trillion, leading to a consistent demand for skilled project managers.
  • Diverse Projects: Project managers are responsible for overseeing a range of construction projects worldwide, from residential developments to commercial complexes.
  • International Construction Companies: Large construction firms often take on projects internationally, creating opportunities for project management roles abroad.

Countries with construction skills shortages:

If you prefer to stay closer to home, many of the EU member states are actively constructing.

Financial services sector

The following roles in the financial services sector offer compelling opportunities for professionals to relocate internationally, driven by the global nature of their industries and the demand for specialized skills.

Investment analysts

  • Global Investment Market: The global investment management industry manages assets worth over $100 trillion, creating demand for investment analysts.
  • Cross-Border Investments: Investment analysts analyze international markets and assets, making them well-suited for roles that involve understanding global financial trends.
  • International Investment Firms: Major investment firms operate across borders, providing opportunities for analysts to work on international portfolios.

Compliance officers

  • Global Regulatory Environment: Financial regulations are expanding worldwide, leading to a growing demand for compliance professionals.
  • Cross-Border Transactions: Compliance officers ensure adherence to international regulations, making them crucial for businesses involved in global transactions.
  • International Financial Institutions: Compliance roles are essential in multinational financial institutions, offering opportunities for professionals to work across regions.

International tax specialists

  • Global Tax Complexity: International tax regulations are intricate, creating demand for specialists who understand and navigate cross-border tax matters.
  • Global Business Operations: International tax specialists help businesses optimize their tax strategies across borders, ensuring compliance and efficiency.
  • Multinational Corporations: Large corporations often require tax specialists to manage their global tax obligations and mitigate risks.

Financial analysts

  • Global Financial Markets: The global financial market cap is approximately $110 trillion, leading to a demand for financial analysts who understand global trends.
  • Transferable Skills: Financial analysis skills are applicable across industries and borders, allowing professionals to work in various countries.
  • International Corporations: Multinational corporations often require financial analysts to analyze and optimize operations in different regions.

IT & Computer Science

IT and computer science is one of the most in-demand fields worldwide right now. If you are skilled and experienced, the world is your oyster.

  • Global Demand: IT roles are in high demand worldwide, with around 5 million job openings in the tech sector globally.
  • Remote Work: Nearly 83% of tech workers worldwide reported the ability to work remotely, enabling an easy transition to different locations.
  • Cross-Border Hires: Approximately 39% of tech professionals are open to relocating internationally for career opportunities.

Medical practitioners

  • Global Shortages: A projected shortage of 18 million healthcare workers by 2030 creates a high demand for medical professionals.
  • Internationally Recognized Qualifications: Medical degrees and certifications are often recognized internationally, facilitating smooth transitions.
  • Mobility Agreements: Over 71 countries have mobility agreements allowing medical professionals to work across borders with ease.

Engineering specialists

  • Global Infrastructure Demand: The need for infrastructure development creates a substantial demand for engineering expertise, with around $69 trillion in investment needed by 2035.
  • Transferable Skills: Engineering skills are highly transferable across borders, allowing professionals to work on various international projects.
  • Expat Hires: Around 73% of companies are willing to hire expat engineers to address skill gaps.

Language teachers

  • Global Language Learning: The global language learning market is valued at over $74 billion, leading to strong demand for language teachers.
  • Online Teaching: The rise of online language learning platforms allows teachers to provide lessons to students worldwide.
  • Cultural Exchange Programs: Many countries offer programs like TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language), facilitating international teaching opportunities.

Digital marketers

  • Global E-Commerce Surge: Global e-commerce sales are projected to reach over $4.8 trillion, creating a high demand for digital marketing professionals.
  • Remote Work: Digital marketing roles often offer remote work options, enabling professionals to work from different locations.
  • Freelancing Platforms: Around 36% of digital marketers freelance, utilizing platforms that connect them to international clients.

International sales representatives

  • Global Trade Volume: Global merchandise exports reached $19.48 trillion in 2020, driving demand for sales professionals to expand market presence.
  • Cultural Adaptability: International sales roles require connecting with diverse clients, making professionals adaptable to various business cultures.
  • Language Skills: Being proficient in multiple languages enhances sales representatives’ ability to communicate with clients worldwide.

Research scientists

  • Scientific Research Investment: Global research and development spending surpassed $2 trillion in 2020, creating demand for skilled research scientists.
  • Research Collaboration: Scientific research often involves collaborations across borders, providing opportunities for international projects.
  • International Conferences: Research scientists often attend international conferences, fostering networking and potential job opportunities abroad.

Tourism and hospitality managers

  • Global Tourism Industry: The tourism sector contributes around $9 trillion to the global GDP, generating demand for skilled managers.
  • International Hotel Chains: Leading hotel chains operate worldwide, offering opportunities for managers to work in different locations.
  • Cultural Sensitivity: Tourism and hospitality professionals need to understand and adapt to various cultures, enhancing their suitability for international roles.

These additional job examples highlight the diverse opportunities available for international relocation, driven by demand, transferable skills, and the global nature of various industries.

These jobs present solid opportunities for relocating abroad due to their high demand, transferable skills, recognition of qualifications, and the ability to work remotely or across borders.

Working abroad – summary

Finally, if you are thinking of living and working abroad, we completely understand what’s driving your thinking. 

It is certainly possible to make a whole new life overseas for yourself and also for your family. You just have to have a good plan and work hard to make all the elements of the plan fall into place.

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