How To Sell Your Property Abroad – 10 Top Tips

The top tips for a quick sale of your second home overseas.

If you have a home overseas and you want to get rid of it, this article will show you how to sell your property abroad as quickly and as well as possible. 

As a property owner who wants to get rid of a home abroad, this means that you need to work hard to sell quickly and as well as possible.  The good news is that there are ways and means for making your property as attractive as possible so that you stand the best chance of getting a good and quick sale.

Finish what you start

In this environment, buyers don’t need to have an imagination – therefore, you need to finish up any DIY jobs you’ve started and don’t rush the finish. 

Pay attention to doing a good job – and if you don’t heed this advice, don’t expect your potential buyer to pay the asking price.  By not finishing what you start, you’re giving your buyer carte blanche to haggle hard on price.

Clean up

No one imagines themselves living in a hovel. Your buyers will want to see a very clean home that they can make their own. So, making your house fresh, immaculately clean, and clatter-free always pays off.

Present a blank canvas

Buyers need to be made to feel that they can make your home their home. To help them do so, remove family photos, your kids’ drawings, and all those bits and pieces you have personalized the property with, and present as neutral a canvas as you can.

Clear out

Space sells, so cut back on the furniture and furnishing, knickknacks and accessories you have filling up your property abroad.  Pack up your excess stuff and move it out.

First impressions count

The first impression your buyer will have will be of the outside of your property – so, is your paintwork neat, are your shutters free from peeling paint, are your rubbish and recycling bins out of sight, is your garden neat, and is your pool clean?  Details, details.  They all count.

Make the most of your best features

What is it about your property abroad that makes it stand out?  Is it the view, the location, the great pool, or the high-quality kitchen?  Whatever makes your home stand out from the crowd, market that to the best of your ability.

Define the space

Are you currently using a bedroom as a storeroom?  Well, change it into a cozy guest bedroom. 

Do you have a dining table crammed into the kitchen, making the space seem much smaller?  Get rid of it. 

Clearly define each room so that buyers can see what they are getting for their money.

Market the lifestyle

You bought a second home abroad for the lifestyle. Even if your property is an investment property, you bought it for the lifestyle.  Why?  Because it’s an investment because you can rent it out to those seeking the lifestyle it offers. 

So, explain to buyers what they can enjoy from your property – the sunshine, the laid-back pace of life, the stunning views, and the joy of having a getaway abroad.  Don’t make your buyer have to work too hard to imagine it – sell it to them, put the lifestyle on a plate, and serve it up.

Attack the sales process from multiple angles

Put your overseas property on for sale with multiple agents, get it on the Internet, hand out flyers, and post it on your social networking pages. 

Tell anyone who helps you sell it that they’re in for a reward (maybe an extra 0.1% for an estate agent or a £50 bonus for a friend?).  Incentivize others to help you sell and work hard at getting your property noticed.

Be as flexible as possible

Finally, because money is tight, borrowing is difficult, and times are tough, you need to be able to be as flexible as possible on price, buying terms, viewing times, and so on.  In other words, to sell your home abroad, you need to be as flexible as you possibly can be.

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