The Pros And Cons Of Living In Switzerland

Switzerland has become the international hotspot for wealthy expats including Britons looking for a new home overseas.  The nation is easily accessible from Britain, the rest of Europe and beyond, it is an incredibly conservative and stable country – which

Overcoming The Main Challenges Of Living Abroad

Whilst there are many well-documented advantages to becoming an expatriate, particularly if you want to broaden your cultural, spiritual and actual horizons, there are some downsides to living your life as a foreigner in a foreign land.  For some people,

Fractional Ownership: Examining The Pros And Cons

Once upon time, fractional ownership was called timeshare and it was something that people were conned into and regretted. However, in recent years timeshare has been vamped up and received celebrity endorsement and is now referred to as fractional ownership. 

Property Tax for Expats In The Netherlands

The Netherlands remains a strong location for relocating expatriates looking to work abroad but not move too far from home. The welcoming nature of the Dutch, the many similarities in working practices and day-to-day life in the Netherlands, and the

Offshore Jurisdictions In Europe

There are thirteen main locations across Europe that can be considered offshore jurisdictions. They range in suitability for various different types of offshore business: from banking to saving and investing abroad, from company formation to investment related business. In this