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Specialist expatriate financial advisory Abbey Wealth now provides a free independent pension review that helps retirees to understand their overseas pension options. 

Your review explains about the types of solution available and how choosing the right option for your individual needs can have a significantly positive impact on the retirement income you'll be able to receive as a retiree living abroad.

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Your review explains how the financial choices you make for your savings and pensions can have a significant impact on the amount of retirement income you receive. 

Choosing the solution that best meets your needs can increase your retirement income while better protecting your wealth from taxation now and later when passed onto your loved ones.

Your review helps to set you on the right path

  • Compare the leading pension, saving and investment solutions
  • Understand how to increase your retirement income
  • Minimise your taxation liability
  • Find the leading interest rates for your savings and investments
  • Ensure your financial plans are secure and fully protect both you and your loved ones.

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Your review is created personally to best meet your individual needs. Abbey Wealth will complete a short phone-based fact-find to understand a little about your situation before completing your review.

Abbey Wealth is a fully regulated, independent financial advisory who specialise in providing expatriates with tax-efficient, secure financial solutions.

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Your review is provided free and without any obligation.  Abbey Wealth will never ask you for any money. If you follow up on a recommendation, any financial transactions would be direct with the financial institutions you've chosen. 

Abbey Wealth will only recommend solutions with financial institutions with a proven history who operate in jurisdictions with the highest standards of financial regulation, primarily in the United Kingdom and Europe. 

Abbey Wealth has helped thousands of expatriate retirees to find a pension and retirement income solution that works best for them. You can take advantage of their expertise to find a better retirement income solution.

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