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Abbey Wealth Dublin Office Open For Business

Abbey Wealth Dublin

Europe’s primary expatriate financial advisory Abbey Wealth announced the opening of their Abbey Wealth Dublin headquarters.

CEO of Abbey Wealth Dublin (AFS Wealth and Insurance Limited) Victor France said:

As a leading expatriate financial advisory, we strive to deliver maximum confidence to our clients. We want to ensure they have the peace of mind that their pensions, savings and investments are cared for.

Regardless of an expat clients location they need to know that their money is managed by experienced professionals. In addition they need those services to come from the most regulated financial jurisdictions.

In 2016 we identified Ireland as one of the most progressive and well-regulated financial jurisdictions in the European Union. We made the strategic choice to move our headquarters to Dublin.

Abbey Wealth History

Abbey Wealth was established in 2007 by experienced leaders in the expatriate financial services industry.

In addition to adopting online technology, they also create the broadest range of expatriate savings and investment services available. Clients of Abbey Wealth are able to match and compare products and services to meet their exact needs.

CEO Victor France said:

“We always aim to deliver the highest levels of customer service coupled with the expert information and advice that enables our clients to make intelligent financial decisions.”

Abbey Wealth also has offices in Spain and Switzerland. In order to understand more about how they help expat savers, they provide a Free Savings Review.

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