Eighty two million is the number of visitors France managed to attract in 2007, ensuring that the nation still remains the number one most visited country in the whole world.  And if you were looking for a reason to invest in French real estate we can give you 82 million reasons to invest in French property because not only is the country’s tourism landscape already clearly strong, it is strengthening.

The French are not content with the fact that in real terms their dominance in attracting visitor numbers is declining as emerging destinations plough massive funds into the promotion of their appeal.  So, the French have started a drive to secure their status and in so doing, they have succeeded in making their property market even more attractive for investors.

Emerging travel and tourism destinations such as Brazil and Dubai are shrinking the share of the global tourism market that France has access to and this has upset the French.  Whilst there is no denying the fact that France is still the most popular country in the world in terms of the numbers of visitors it attracts annually, it wants more.  The Junior Tourism Minister recently announced specific measures to attract more tourists and this is all fantastic news for France, the French economy and…all those who own jet-to-let homes in France because a greater increase in demand equals a greater potential to cash in on this demand.

France is already being heralded by real estate experts and property investment aficionados as a hotspot for the future because of the number of Britons and other Europeans keen to holiday ‘abroad’ but aware of both their carbon footprint and the very real cost of travel now that fuel prices are so high.  Clearly the size of the nation, the breadth of geographic difference across the country that appeals to a broad visitor base, the climate, culture, history and accessibility of France make it a popular choice with both British and European travellers.  Now the new initiatives by the French to further advance tourism will bring in additional numbers from the likes of Brazil, China and India.

The initiatives include allowing more budget airlines greater access to the large number of regional airports in France and already they are proving successful because 2007 saw up to a 4% increase, year on year in visitor figures.  If you were looking for an established yet affordable property market where there is potential for increasing investment and rental income returns, you really need look no further than France it seems.