“Spain’s too expensive, the euro’s too expensive, property in Spain is too expensive…” – and so it goes on, the whinging excuse list that we can all create in our minds to prevent us from taking a step that’s perhaps just a bit too challenging in life!  I.e., moving abroad to live in Spain…Well, we’re here to tell you today that the 10 best things about living in Spain are actually free!

So if you have a dream to live in this sun-kissed hotspot, there will be very little, if anything, holding you back from moving after you’ve read our review of everything great about Spain!

From tourism hotspot to expatriate home of choice – Spain has always ridden high in our favours as Britons, but recent bashing of the country by consistent media focus only on the negative aspects of the nation, and the fact that the euro is an expensive currency compared to the pound these days, has meant that the country’s reputation has been tarnished.  However, as we will now show, Spain has so much in its favour that anyone looking for an escape overseas would be crazy to overlook it!

1: The Spanish Sunshine

Of course, the sun! Spanish sun is number one in our best things about living in Spain chart. It’s free and abundant across the nation in the long summertime, or head to southern Spain and you can lap it up from March to October.  The sun dries your washing until it is crisp on the line, it bakes your body until it feels relaxed, and nothing in life seems so bad.  It is free, it is literally worth writing home about, and it is quite possibly the number one attraction of Spain for a Briton thinking about moving abroad for a better life!

2: Life Before Work

It is absolutely not a myth, the Spanish people work to live, so when in Spain do as the local people do and lap up your entitlement to 30 days of paid holiday a year, enjoy over 12 bank holiday weekends, and relax knowing that you’re integrating!

3: Locality

Spain is only a hop, skip and a jump from the UK with multiple daily flights from all UK airports to all Spanish airports.  In other words, it is cheap and easy to get to Spain or to get back home in a hurry should the need arise.  You won’t have to save for months and wait weeks for an affordable flight…so planning your escape is even easier.  Spain’s accessibility is another free benefit!

4: EU Membership

Spain is a fully integrated member of the EU, therefore, those with EU passports such as we Britons are free to up sticks and move to live, work, retire and enjoy Spain.

5: Landscape

The Spanish landscape is diverse and fascinating – and accessing a desert, rolling hills, dramatic mountains, sun-kissed beaches, orange or olive groves, vineyards and wetlands is within your easy reach when you’re living in Spain.  Every day can bring you a new landscape and vista if you choose to explore your stunning new nation.

6: More Time For You

The pace of life is definitely more leisurely in Spain – and whilst a ‘siesta’ may be a thing of the past, a two-hour lunch break is still the norm.  Nowadays Spaniards prefer to use the time to perhaps catch up on shopping, chores or even to hit the gym, but as an individual you will see how much time you’re given in Spain for yourself…it’s refreshingly different and feels wonderful!

7: Quality of Life

The quality of life in Spain is high – people in Spain know how to have a good time, how to get the most out of life.  If you go out with a group of friends, it’s normal to have a ‘fondo’ which is a communal collection of cash to pay for everyone’s drinks.  It’s normal to this day for people to take an evening constitutional (stroll) around their neighbourhood, town or village, to catch up with neighbours and acquaintances and to prepare for dinner.  Dinner can last for hours, as can lunch…and every town has many fiestas and festivals to bring the community together.  Go to Spain and integrate into your new community and you will be drawn in and discover that life has so much more value and meaning in Spain.

8: Spanish Education

Education in Spain is free for all children – and if you want your children to integrate, learn Spanish and make local friends, enrolling them in school will cost you nothing and is surprisingly straightforward and simple, bearing in mind that Spain is quite famous for its love of red tape!

9: Healthcare in Spain

Healthcare in Spain is also free for those who are working and contributing to the system through the payment of taxes and social contributions.  It is also free for retirees from the UK thanks to a reciprocal agreement between Spain and Britain.

10: Incredible Lifestyle

Because of a combination of fantastic weather for most of the year and the fact that the Spanish are sociable people who enjoy life and believe that working should be second place to enjoying life, you will find you have more time on your hands to get out and about and keeping fit, seeing the sights and making the most of your time living in Spain.  This will be good for the body and the soul and make you convinced you should have made the move years ago!